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Walking in nature

To walk is a simple movement; do it on a mountain surrounded by Lake Garda’s wonderful natural environment is good for your body and even better for your mind.

The first trails start very close to the beach and rise up to 2000 meters of height and more. We would not be able to tell you how many kilometers of trails there are, but there are routes for everyone: for those who like to stroll quietly and enjoy their free time and also for whom making an effort is an even bigger rest.

In hilly areas there are short trails for most people, suitable for everyone who likes to walk in the countryside or away from crowded beaches. Rising up in higher there are more trails, some of them very challenging.

The jaw dropping landscapes are one of the main features of the routes on Lake Garda. If you add the well mapped and maintained trails, the huts and refuges, a dive into the lake as soon as you take off your boots or a drink in village at sunset after a day of sport, then a trip on Garda is just perfect.

Walking in mountains gives you time to think, inspires positive thought and fills you with new energy. At every hour and in every season the brilliant colours of the environment play with the light of the lake and the mountain. We are sure that you will go back home renewed.

Beautiful and safe mountain hikes

Don’t forget that the mountain with its big natural spaces has to be respected and protected. To fully enjoy the mountain, follow the rules of behaviour and learn to know the signposting of the places you are visiting.

“Loving the mountain means knowing it and looking after it. It means preparing and inquiring. “

Roberto Morandi

Those who love nature, don’t spoil it

“Those Who loves nature leaves its flowers”.

This was written on a beautiful sign from CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) that we often saw in the mountain as kids.

mountain signs respect nature

Those who love nature, don’t spoil it we add.
Bring back your garbage – even banana’s skins and paper towels – and also put into your backpack some gloves and a bag to pick up other’s garbage. Do yourself and Nature a favour. That should be an example to those that still haven’t understood how important it is to respect the environment that we are enjoying.

“A philosophy of quality walking and of seeking out the environment and culture of different places. To meet and compare yourself with the natural environment and the land surrounding you without technological help and driven only by your own motivation. To the hiker, the modern user of these paths, we have been given in trust the memories, histories and conservation of this priceless inheritance.”

CAI (Italian Alpine Club)

We and the mountains will be grateful to you. 🙂

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Trekking trails at Lake Garda

All the routes we have published have been tried, described, photographed and tracked by us. There are easy, average or difficult routes, physically and technically. Have a good research!

Environmental excursion guides, alpine guides and medium and mountain guides at Lake Garda

Local guides always know a little more: they know the most suitable routes for you. Find out who they are and leave the map at home.

Accomodation for hikers at Lake Garda

Do you need a tip for choosing the best route or would you like a ready-made packed lunch to put in your backpack? Find out where to sleep on Lake Garda and what services are available to you.

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