Archivio fotografico Franco Toninelli

Via Dosso, 8 - 37018 Malcesine (VR)

Goethe got there in a rather haphazard way with his "travelling diary"; who knows if a modern-day Goethe would come with a diary or with an album of photographs? I wonder. I do know that Toninelli does not travel much except to come down to "la Bassa" as a pilgrim or to stop and contemplate Lake Garda. His is not a huge world. It's not The World. But there is a whole world in his photos: the world of people, of countryside, of real things, the "something more" that he knew how to express with art

Written by: Prof. Dino Coltro

Franco Toninelli's photobook bookings available!

It is a panoramic on the main works of the artist with the intention of highlight his artistic life. It will be printed in two languages (Italian and English) and divided in two parts.

The first, descriptive, contains:

  • Preface written by Elena and Patrizia Piccini (Photo library Aldo Gilardi, Milan)
  • Biography written by Sergio Ragnolini
  • Files about peoples and artists which lived or worked with him
  • Exhibitions and competitions in which he had partecipated

The second, photographic, and divided in the following chapters:

  • La Bassa veronese (countryside area located near Verona) - His origins
  • Malcesine: The lanes
  • Malcesine: The castle
  • Malcesine: The landscape
  • Boats
  • Arts and crafts
  • Portraits
  • Daily life
  • Around the world


24 cm width 29,5 cm height - 120 pages


50 Euros

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