360gardalife is a project that was started in 2007. To call it a project doesn’t do it justice: 360gardalife is Outdoor Sports, Respect for Nature, Passion, Friendship and lengthy chats about sport.

360gardalife is a way of life.

360gardalife is a website: a mixing pot that is part magazine and part blog. It is put together by local sportspeople and it’s free! It should be useful and valuable to everyone who is looking for good information about sports on and around Lake Garda.

In 2007, my friends and I started to collect information about all the sports one can do in and around Malcesine. It was a collection of information that didn’t exist then. We put together everything in the first guide to Sport in Malcesine which was called 360sport. It was a long hard job and then translated into English and German. We printed 20,000 booklets for 3 years, but it wasn’t enough.

I wanted every sportsperson to be able to be well informed about all the local where, why, how and who of sports. This is, after all, the reason that you are now reading this site!

Ivano wrote all the information about local winds and together with Chiara wrote about Kitesurfing. Milani and Federico wrote about Windsurfing. Youman and Tommi helped me to write about cycling and routes. Paolo, taught me to climb and took me to do my first Via Ferrata. Together we took photos and wrote reports. I then prepared information about Trekking. Matteo wrote about Sailing and Claudio about Parascending.

I am a photographer and nearly all the photos you see here are mine, with a few more taken by Paolo. Every year we add new ones and there are about 30 friends who come with me when I go off to take photos.

We started with Malcesine and over the last years we have added new places, routes, itineraries, gps tracking, cliffs, events, interviews and many, many photos.

Everything you see here is written and tested by us.

Where else but Monte Baldo and Garda can you find a place where, in the morning, you can go out windsurfing or kitesurfing and then, in the afternoon, you can go climbing or biking? Or where you can parascend and go running along the lakeside or in the mountains? If you want to spend a day walking in the mountains and then in the evening, when the winds drop, go for a SUP cruise or a swim in the Lake... why not? I remember a day of snow-shoeing on Monte Baldo in the morning and then climbing a cliff in the afternoon, in a short sleeved t-shirt!

Tell me if this isn’t paradise. And tell me how it is possible to not talk about it. We live in the open air, do our sports and talk about our sporting experiences. This is what we would like to share with you.

Information? Requests? Something to point out?

Send a mail or contact us through Facebook: we'll write you back as soon as possible!

Happy reading and... see you in Lake Garda!