Massimo Dimauro

Massimo Dimauro

Sailing, Kitesurfing and Wing-foiling

Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Max.

Angela bribed me with an annual supply of extra dark chocolate and hazelnut cream to get my cooperation as editor in this amazing project of her.

I love all watersports but hanging out on Lake Garda for over 20 years made me love all outdoor sports too. Between lake and mountain you can have good fun.

I got into sailing since I was little, sailing in Optimist at first and then in Laser and Snipe. During university I spent my summer seasons on Lake Garda working as sailing instructor and as soon as I finished my studies, I started managing sailing, kitesurf and windsurf centers between Riva del Garda, Limone and Malcesine.

Once arrived in Malcesine with my girlfriend Irene, we met Angela and between a photoshoot in the water, a tour in the mountain and a few overseas journeys, we always found an excuse to spend some time together and have fun.

Overseas because, in 2008, I opened my kitesurf, windsurf, sup – and now wing foil too – school in Antigua in the Caribbean Sea.

In my free time I mainly do kitesurf and wing; as soon as I get to the lake I also go climbing, I do mountain bike and paragliding. I cannot imagine a more charming place than Lake Garda, where to practice all my sports within just a few kilometers. It’s always so exciting to go back there.

With me there are also