Youth sailing courses on Lake Garda by Stickl Sportcamp

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Learn to sail on Dinghy Rs Feva in Malcesine

After the optics course the sailing career continues on the two-man dinghy Rs Feva in two courses for young people – best in the family package with strong discounts!

The Feva is the best-selling youth boat worldwide and is used by most sailing associations as a training boat after the Opti. With a length of 3.40 m and a weight of only 69 kg, it is easy to handle, has excellent sailing characteristics and also offers a genack for maximum sailing fun.

The change from the one-man-boat Opti is made much easier, because the Feva is sailed without a harness and therefore also involves less risk. With this offer we want to give the numerous families with children, who have already taken several optics courses with us, a possibility to offer their kids a further education on dinghies, before they can change to bigger dinghies at the age of 16.

Beginners course

After the opti sailing for children from 6-12 years the sailing continues on the two-man dinghy FEVA.

Course content

  • Practical preparation in dry training
  • Boat handling of a tilting planing dinghy
  • Coordination on a two-man boat
  • Sailing with outrigger and tiller boom
  • Tacking and jibing
  • Capsize and right

The aim of the course is to be able to sail a two-man dinghy safely in medium wind conditions after 5 days.

Advanced course

In the advanced course we sail in wind forces up to 4 Beaufort! Planing with Genacker and fun with fast sporty sailing.

Course content:

  • Refreshing the knowledge after the e-course
  • Perfecting manoeuvres in different wind strengths
  • Instruction in genoa sailing

The aim of the course is to sail the Feva up to 4 Beaufort, even with a genaker, and to master all manoeuvres in a technically correct way.

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Who is your instructor

portrait of heinz stickl

Since 1976, one team has been passing on its experience to the next. New employees are trained into a proven team in good time so that they are then fit for the “changing of the guard”. In this way, each team grows with the experience of the “old ones”.

The technical skills in surfing, kitesurfing and sailing are of course constantly improved by the possibility to train in optimal wind conditions. Team training sessions and daily briefings guarantee a uniform system and contents of the courses.

What to bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sun cream
  • Shoes

Services included

  • Wetsuit
  • Life jacket
  • Harness


  • Neoprene slippers for only 30€
  • VDWS basic licence – registration and exam fee: 30€


Beach Hotel Rosa Malcesine

The “Stickl Hotel” on the lake, right next to the sports camp station on the beach is the best choice for our course participants. The Beach Hotel Rosa in absolute 5-star top location directly on the beach next to the sports camp offers Watersport & Relax at 3 star prices. The public is active in sports and appreciates the comfort of living directly on the water – from bed to board. With restaurant, pizzeria and bar, the Rosa Beach is also the meeting place after the sports session.

Meeting Point



I learned a lot. Best Sailing Equipment in Europe (Maybe outside Europe as well – know 30 countries outside Europe and 30 within and there was Nothing better). Good teachers. Sometimes it is a challenge, but you learn a lot. And there is fun definatly! Many different boots. Beginners go not out with the strong wind, experienced ones will use the good wind (might be a challenge to coordinate activities for a familiy, so it is a good idea to stay close to the camp.) There is something new always. Like it to come back!

Ray E

We have returned for the second year and again had a fantastic experience. We enjoyed sailing both catamarans (two hulls) and Dias (one hull).The system of displaying course times each morning at 8.30am does mean an early start but it guarantees the best possible wind for your level each day: worth a great deal when compared to other resorts where we have sailed.
The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and ensure that you get every minute of your time for instruction, happily offering further tips on the shore after the end of the course. The courses are split into many different levels and weekends are quite quiet.
The system of radio headphones which allow the teacher to speak to each pupil while sailing are worth their weight in gold, as you really feel like you are getting personal instruction. Equipment is excellent: plenty on offer of every type and in very good condition, even a number of custom improvements to standard equipment developed by Stickl to make it easier/better.

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