Yoga lessons at Lake Garda with Paola Ruffini

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Vinyasa Yoga and breathing, in Malcesine with lakeview

Yoga is for everyone: it’s not you who has to adapt to the positions, but the positions adapt to you; and that’s why the benefits of a correct practice are different from person to person.

On a physical level Yoga helps to improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility, blood circulation, but it is above all on a mental level that it acts positively, lowering stress, increasing concentration and psycho-physical balance.

I practice a healthy Vinyasa Yoga paying much attention to the alignment of the positions and the correct breathing during the asanas.

In fact, breathing plays a fundamental role in the proper functioning of the immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The correct oxygenation of tissues also gives great benefits to the muscles and helps to improve sports performance.

During the lesson we will practice a short meditation, a dynamic sequence with sun salutations focusing on some asanas and a final relaxation, always making sure to breathe correctly.

To participate in my classes you don’t need to be flexible or particularly sporty: Yoga is not competitiveness, but listening to yourself, your breath, your being in the here and now that brings more awareness in our daily life.

I am happy to meet you and to practice Yoga with you.

Who is your Yoga instructor

paola ruffini yoga teacher

Hi I’m Paola, I’m a Yoga teacher and Oxygen Advantage instructor of the Buteyko Method.

Since 2016 I have shared my passion to those who already practice or want to approach this wonderful discipline that every day helps us to live with more awareness by letting go, thoughts, tensions and worries.

I trained in Munich where I lived and worked for 8 years. Since 2021 I have been living in Malcesine, on Lake Garda, and I teach Yoga both online and in presence on a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake.

My Yogalessons

I offer Vinyasa Yoga classes for both small groups and individuals, for adults and children, in a wonderful location 15 minutes walk from the center of Malcesine, in the open air and overlooking the lake.

I also offer lessons with breathing exercises of the Buteyko method particularly suitable if you suffer from airway problems such as asthma, hyperventilation and long covid syndrome.

I also prepare personalized lessons by answering curiosity, doubts and questions. There will be no lack of advice for your daily life if you wish.


  • Group lessons are held on Tuesday and Saturday mornings at 8:30 am or on request.
  • Individual lessons can be booked any day from 7am to 8pm.

Necessary skills

Minimum age for children: 3 years

Services included

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga supplies

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes, in which you feel good
  • A towel


The Apartments Casa al Monte are located in Malcesine, in Via Panoramica 39, 800 meters from the town center.



I met Paola at a private yoga class during my vacation in Malcesine. She is not only a warm person, but also a great yoga teacher with a lot of experience, who responds to the individual needs and limitations of her students spontaneously and professionally. I can only recommend Paola. Namaste!


During my vacation at “Casa al Monte” in Malcesine I was allowed to book a private yoga class with Paola – it was dreamlike! Not only the great outdoor ambience by the pool with views over Lake Garda was impressive, but especially the passion that Paola brings as a yoga teacher. She was able to motivate and inspire me as an absolute yoga beginner to join here. The class even took place in German. Age, fitness level & yoga experience play absolutely no role – everyone can join! Thank you very much for the great vacation experience, dear Paola!


I have been looking for a suitable yoga studio for me for a while and found Paola by chance on the internet. From the first yoga session I knew that I was exactly right with Paola, because she leads her class with a lot of dedication, mindfulness and professionalism.
She exudes such serenity, calmness and thoughtfulness, I feel very well guided and extremely comfortable with her.
Unfortunately Paola has gone back to Italy, which I find very very sad.
Now my yoga class takes place 2x a week online. But also online Paola responds to everyone individually, gives different assistance and shows different variations of an exercise.
I am already looking forward to a visit with her at Lake Garda and to a personal yoga class on site.


Great experience, Paola is very professional and well qualified. The lesson is pleasant and simple, but not at all trivial. The next day you feel muscles that have worked well and activated in the correct way. Well prepared also on relaxation and breathing techniques. Lovely place, when possible we work outdoors overlooking the lake or poolside. Works both individually and in groups. Really recommended!!!