Hi, I’m Angela

With Davide, Tommaso, Ariella, Giacomo, Giorgia and Matteo, I will tell you about outdoor sports at Lake Garda

360gardalife is outdoor sports, discovery and exploration: It’s about getting going and feeling alive in the midst of a natural environment. 360gardalife is about friendship and long chats about sport. 360gardalife is a way of life.

360gardalife is a portal, a bit magazine and a bit blog. We hope it will be useful and valuable to you when looking for authentic information about sport at Lake Garda. We will suggest what there is to do and when, the routes to try and also activities and courses to try.

How did 360gardalife start?

One summer evening in a bar, sitting outside fantasizing about what would be great to see in our little super sporty part of the world. Everyone should know how wonderful it is to do sport here.

It was 2005 and that summer I had toured the length and breadth of Monte Baldo with the 360 team to try, photograph and track trekking and cycling routes; we met on the beach in the early morning to photograph windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing; we wrote about the Lake and Mountain for a new paper guide which, in its first edition already talked about tens of sports and printed 20,000 copies. It carried on like this for three years. It was a great reason to get together and find something to do together. 😉

After a while, those 20.000 copies weren’t enough and in 2009 we went digital. 360gardalife has grown fast and become a portal: now there is also a booking site and that’s what you are reading about here.

We started with Malcesine and then added in other places and new sports; routes, tracking, climbing walls, events, interviews, local stories; alpine guides, mountain bike guides, sailing schools, pilots and gyms; courses, tours, excursions; hotels, apartments, campsites and mountain refuges; shops, bars and restaurants.

That’s nice. But who are you?

It’s Angela that’s writing: photographer, copywriter, ideas person and content manager of the portal. With me there are Davide, Tommaso, Ariella, Giacomo, Giorgia and Matteo; we are all keen on at least 3 or 4 sports and get together to do those sports and then write to you about them here.

To tell the truth, there are more of us. There are friends and friends of friends. There are those who discover a new route, those who put together an excursion and those who are really excited about trying a new sport. There are also the Presidents of the sports associations and the professional athletes of Lake Garda. There is also Paolo, the Alpine Guide who, for a bet, taught us how to climb and some of the photos you see are his. There is also Mario who guided us around the walking routes of Brenzone, and Ivano who, in the first edition, wrote about kiting and the Garda winds.

Why do you like the Lake so much?

Water and mountains together make the wonder of being able to do more than 15 sports here, all in the same place and you can do more than one in a day.

But it isn’t just the sports. After a day of sport, it’s wonderful to lie on a beach and rest or dive into the water, free of boots and socks, or to wander around the hearts of these small towns and villages, enjoying and aperitif without a care in the world and eating out with the peace of mind that only a sport-filled day can give you.

It’s non always true that we love our own place – I do, and I love the idea of letting you know how to get the most out of the sporting opportunities here under our guidance.

Where will we see you?

Face to face, we might meet at the Lake or in the Mountains. If you see a group of locals, and there’s a person in the group with a reflex around her neck, that’s probably me!

In the meantime, we can keep company on Facebook and Instagram, once a month and, if you like, straight to your postbox. Otherwise, write to me at info@360gardalife.com.


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