Lake Garda

The Lake

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy and is a famous among tourists and outdoor sports people alike.

Thanks to beauty and physical aspects of this area, to the hospitality you will find here, the events organised and the many attractions, Lake Garda is a place that give pleasure to everyone.

Lake Garda geography

Administration-wise, the Lake is governed by the Trento province in the North, Verona to the East and Brescia to the West. The Lake is positioned parallel to the Adige Valley and is divided from it by the Monte Baldo range.

The northern part of the Lake is a narrow piece of water sitting between the mountains of the Baldo range, the highest peaks of which are over 2000 m.a.s.l. The southern part of the Lake, to the north of the Pianura Padana, is much wider and surrounded by gently rolling hills.

The Lake is of typical Glacial formation: 5-6 million years ago the Lake was formed by glacial erosion of a pre-existing depression caused by Alpine rivers. The Lake therefore looks like a huge valley.

The lake is 52km long and is 16km at its widest point. It is 65m above sea level and is 365m deep at its deepest point.

The main river coming into the Lake is the Sarca: in total there are 25 rivers leading into the Lake amongst which the Aril (Cassone) at 175m long holds the record for being the World's shortest river. The only river coming out of the Lake is the Mincio at Peschiera.

There are 5 small islands in the Lake: dell'Olivo (Olive Island), di Sogno (Isle of Dreams), del Trimelone (Timelone Island), di Garda (Garda Island) and San Biagio (st. Bagio's Island). The first three are in the Veneto province betweenMalcesine and Assenza and the other two are in Lombardia near San Felice Del Benaco.

The vast basin effect of the Lake makes the climate more temperate: less likely to be frosty in the winter and less humid and oppressively hot in the summer.

Before setting out to enjoy the area, get an up to date weather forecast.

Sport on Lake Garda

The northern part of Garda, narrow between the surrounding mountains, is famous for its constant winds which makes it a superb place for windsurfing, kitesurf and sailing.

Lake Garda

The area to the north of the Lake has become a Mecca to those passionate about climbing, and also for keen mountain bike riders and those wishing to trek or use the Via Ferrate.

Monte Baldo rises above the north-east side of the Lake and, using the Cable Car from Malcesine to the peaks of Monte Baldo (which is open 10 months of the year) there is a wide range of paths to be discovered by bike or on foot.

Monte Baldo is also a well-known paragliding launch area and you normally see many parascenders in the skies above Malcesine, some single fliers and some in tandem flights. Many skilled parascenders come here to practise acrobatics in the safety of the height of the mountains and in the presence of the rescue services present on the Lake near the landing site.

Events on Lake Garda, things to do and attractions

There are many sporting events that take place during the year on and around Lake Garda. It starts with the popular Bike Festival in May which opens the mountain biking season. In August or September there is the Rock Master international festival in Arco celebrating the world of climbing.

On the first weekend of September, the Centomiglia regatta is held which is one of the most prestigious and spectacular regattas organised in the sailing world on fresh water.

Lake Garda

No less important are the numerous national and international regattas organised by the Fraglia Vela Malcesine and the other sailing clubs on the Lake, for example the 2014 World Cup for the Star Class.

The timed race over one of the most difficult inclines in Italy, the Punta Veleno (poisoned peak), the beautiful Lake Garda Mountain Race up 2000m from the Lake shores to the peak of Monte Baldo and the Vertical Extreme Skyrace in Limone are just three of the running races held in this area. Then there is the Bardolino International Triathlon every June since 1984 – in fact the first triathlon every organised in Italy.

And then for those who are looking for something really extraordinary to do, there is the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run held every year in Rovereto.

Being Italy, all these sporting events are accompanied by good food and good music!

At any given moment of the day, Lake Garda and its astounding nature can offer you different things to see and things to do. The lights and colours change all the time and are breath-taking. At Lake Garda, you can enjoy a holiday of sport, relaxation and nature.

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