San Zeno di Montagna

The “balcony of Lake Garda” halfway between lake and mountain


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San Zeno di Montagna is at 680m on the western side of Monte Baldo just a few kilometres from Verona.
Once reknowned as a microclimate, it is a place to discover with its wonderful situation halfway between lake and mountain and it’s temperate climate that is rarely too cold or humid.

The town of San Zeno di Montagna

Its former name of Montagna del Monte Baldo changed over the years to become San Zeno in the early 1800s thanks to the reverent following of Saint Zeno spread by saints Benigno and Caro.
Its reputation is as the “Balcony of Lake Garda”: everywhere you turn there is a different view. Looking down you will see beautiful Lake Garda from south to north, numerous olive groves and moraine hills. Looking up, the pine forests, chestnut forests, green pastures and the peaks of Monte Baldo.

The districts of San Zeno di Montagna

Entering the town gives you straight away an idea of its length; there is no proper main square, but Piazza Ca’ Schena, near
the church is a focal point of the town.
Extending itself from north to south is what characterizes the town and inhabitants call this “pont de sora” e “pont de soto” because of the north bridge called delle Fontane that delimits the discricts located north (de sora) to the one in the south (de soto).

This small town consists of plenty of districts, each with its own name, connected by the main road; these districts are signed by brown fingerposts.
There were family groups living in these districts but kept separated by fields or woods and now with the hotels and big villas growing up with tourism they look more united. Typically, the houses are of stone with external stairs, fountains, stables and barns.

Even now “Festa del Senturel” takes place and people use the occassion to battle through the town streets in bowls competitions.
In the evenings during summer some cinema and theater events are organized in the district’s squares.

The most famous district is called Ca’ Montagna, near the town hall, where you can visit the oldest building owned by Montagna family and containing frescoes from 1400.

Here you can get a description (into italian) of any of the disctricts in San Zeno.

Sport in San Zeno di Montagna

From San Zeno di Montagna and Prada you can start lots of trails suitable for every level of fitness and expertise, some easy and flat with pic-nic facilities while others are longer and harder which lead you to the top of Monte Baldo.

The typical signs of San Zeno are green coloured instead of being red and the horizontal signs are red/yellow instead of red/white.
While going up to the top of Monte Baldo, you will encouter the typical red and white striped signs: some are missing so watch out for the horizontal ones and the stone cairns.

Chair lifts from Prada/Costabella are still closed.

It’s easy to understand that San Zeno territory is the perfect playground for outdoor sport lovers such as trekking, mountain biking, running, nordic walking or alpine skiing.

From Monte Belpo, located in Lumini, it is possible to take off with a paraglider all year and day long, landing in Costermano.

In San Zeno di Montagna you can enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by amazing nature between lake and mountain.

The other towns of Lake Garda

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