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A climbing community for those who loves to climb with passion, even with no style, but with a lot of self-irony

  • 25.04.2021
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Angela Trawoeger

Angela Trawoeger

Creator, photographer and content manager

Tommaso Toninelli

Climbing, trekking and mountain bike

Climbing is a sport that requires concentration, it scares you sometimes and force you to take on new challenges. But it is also friendship, respect, satisfaction and freedom.

Feeling your legs shaking and your arms hard as iron at the second climbing bolt is somehow normal but a day spent in the crag will make you feel peaceful and balanced. It sounds almost more like a life philosophy.

We talk about it with Amedeo, founder of “Brocchi Sui Blocchi”, (brocco is someone who isn’t good at any sport and blocchi is a word that means boulders) currently the most lively climbing community of Italy for those who love to climbs with passion, even with no style, but with a lot of self-irony.


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Hi Amedeo, let’s talk about you. Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Amedeo, founder of “Brocchi Sui Blocchi”. I graduated in political science and I’m responsible for communication, mostly social, for ZeroCO2 society, thanks to which I can also grow my passion for sustainability. During my free time I manage the project of Brocchi Sui Blocchi, I climb with my friends and I love cooking.

How was Brocchi Sui Blocchi born and who are the founders?

It was born on Whatsapp by a group of friends who met in a small climbing Gym of Brescia, which no longer exists. The group was created by all the members of this group but I invented the name.

The project among the socials of Brocchi Sui Blocchi started thanks to my desire to experiment with the socials and my will to write about climbing only for passion. But over the years the whole group has been of great support.

We are a big family that keeps growing thanks to the socials.

The community was born and got bigger very fast. From Whatsapp to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, and now the Facebook group Cervelli Ghisati. Tell us about your evolution.

After the creation of this group, I thought that the name could also work for Instagram, so in December 2016 I created the page Brocchi Sui Blocchi, and to date this is our main communication channel.

On Facebook we have a community, especially through the group Cervelli Ghisati, that gives people the opportunity to get to know each other.

TikTok is an experiment, I like to try new socials and see if we can have a good success.

We are also on Spotify with a podcast about climbing books, recorded during the first lockdown.

As a social enthusiast I like to try a bit of everything.

Who is the Brocco and which are the values of the Brocchismo?

The Brocco is whoever lives the sport with passion and sense of sharing, with experience in first place and no agonism at all. Whoever thinks like us can be considered a Brocco no matter what the grade, gender, race or beer brand is.

But Brocchis is also someone who is able to talk about themselves in an authentic way, with their own fears and flaws, and laugh at themselves and their failures.

The Brocchismo is the equity of the climbers, men and women, in the face of the passion for climbing. It means living the climbing like a journey and there is no right recipe, everyone travels as they please. Our mantra is: “to have respect” in a general way and love the history, the environment and the people.

Climbing is freedom, there is no right way to live it. The Brocchismo is friendship, not competitiveness, anti-fascism, anti-sexism, environmentalism.

And is it correct that you don’t care about the level?

Yes and no. We focus on the person, not the level. This one is important just as a measure to allow us to define our personal objectives and results, it defines if we are good athletes or not, but the value of climbing is in the experience not in the level; the value of a climber is in how they relate to the sport, to the other people and to the environment, the level is secondary.

What’s the typical day of a Brocco in the crag like?

An early start but not too early, climbing is nice but so is sleeping. We meet up together and we wait for that friend that’s always late. We always complain about the approach. We climb until our fingers or our brains are exhausted. We laugh and we fool around when on the ground but we fight when on the wall. We share tales and sensations. We possibly make new friends. And in the end, if possible, we enjoy a good beer.


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What is climbing and what does it teach you?

Climbing is the best individual sport to be lived in a group. It teaches you to face your limits, both physical and mental, to push the boundaries to rediscover oneself every time.

Improving in this sport means, besides getting stronger, to be more balanced with your body, with the Nature and with others.

Three tips for those who start

  • Start in a gym, better with an instructor, but then go climbing outdoor.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it but safely.
  • Listen to every story, you can learn a lot.

Learn to climb with local mountain guides

Three tips for those who’d like to but are afraid to try climbing

  • Free Climbing is a safe sport, just pay attention to what you do.
  • Climb top rope until you feel confident to climb as first.
  • If you are afraid of the height try bouldering.

Brocchi sui Blocchi is also environmentalism, I warmly thank you for how you talk about it. The environmental crisis is real and the topics to be dealt with are so big that they often discourage and they are delegated to others. Do you have any advice for those who feel they should do something but don’t know where to start from?

Yes, we have decided to use our social channels to talk about it because the environment is very important.

The first advice is to get informed, very often harmful actions are made because they are not known to be harmful or because we think they have a much less impact than they actually have.

The second tip is to start with a small gesture and gradually add other small gestures until you change your lifestyle for the better: eat healthily, use less plastic, be careful to buy environmentally friendly clothing and repair before throwing away. The climbers are phenomenal in putting patches on the pants!

Do you often come to climb on Lake Garda, do you like the landscape and how are you?

In the Middle of last year I moved to Toscolano Maderno and due to the restrictions I started climbing a lot in the area, especially in the town but also in nearby crags; when possible other Brocchi also join me here on the lake.

Climbing with lake view is beautiful, it creates a spectacular mix among the adrenaline of the sport and the quiet of the views.

During summer I can’t miss some deep water solo in Riva del Garda.

Brocchi sui Blocchi Lago di Garda

Thanks Amedeo. We’re waiting for you on the other side of the Lake, in the crag of Malcesine. It is not very well known and Tommaso from team 360 is now cleaning some boulders. It would be nice if you could join us to try them. The approach is extremely steep and complaining is mandatory . 🙂

We hope to come climbing on the other side of the lake soon!
See you soon and good climbs.

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