Busatte Tempesta Path at Lake Garda: 3 routes on Torbole’s most famous walk

Two easy routes and one medium that go over the ladder steps on the most scenic walk in North Lake Garda

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  • 20.01.2022
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The Path or Ladder Steps of Busatte Tempesta is one of the most scenic, famous and walked in Lake Garda, all year round.

We’ve described and tracked three different routes:

  • One easy there and back
  • One easy ring route
  • One medium ring route

For each route you will find photos, description, map and GPS coordinates to download.

How to find the ladder steps and what is it like

The ladder step path is over the Lake on the North West slopes of Monte Baldo between Torbole and the hamlet of Tempesta. It consists of three sets of steps built to get over the steepest parts of the rock shoulders.

Busatte Tempesta Path: Lake view

Leaving from Torbole:

  • Steps 1 “Salt della Cavra”: 116 steps
  • Steps 2 “Corno di Bò”: 238 steps
  • Steps 3 “Val Calcarole”: 33 steps

Between the sets of steps you walk along an easy path in the woods and you will find information signs about the flora, fauna and geology of the territory.

Along the route there are many panoramic views worth stopping for to admire or for a lunch break. You will find places to eat and drink at the beginning of the walk in Torbole.

How to get there

There are two access points to the walk: the Busatte Park in Torbole and the small carpark in Tempesta.


The steps walk is easy and suitable for everyone in the family. The fittest can do this walk ‘uphill’ and others can do it in descent

The open grate steps can stop dogs if they are afraid to look down through the steps.


  • The route is open all year round and it’s free.
  • The ladder steps are very busy even in the winter and on holidays.
  • In the winter, this route is in the shade all morning.
  • In the summer, the walk is in the sun all day and can get very hot: leave early in the morning and remember to bring something to drink.

Keep it clean!

Bring a bag and take home your rubbish, even tissues, banana skins and apple cores.

Get used to having a pair of gloves in your backpack to collect other people’s rubbish. You too can help us to keep it clean. 🙂
Nature and we will be very grateful.

Three routes over the ladder steps Busatte-Tempesta

1-Easy return trip over the steps

An easy return trip that leaves from the Busatte Park or from the hamlet of Tempsta. It can also be done only in descent leaving from the Busatte Park, or uphill leaving from Tempesta. You can get back to your start point with public transport.

  • Length: 5,2 km (one way)
  • Altitude asent/descent: 382m/289m
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: 1,5 hrs (one way)
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2 – Easy ring route coming back along the forest track

An easy ring route that leaves from and comes back to the Busatte Park going down over the ladders steps and back along an easy forest track.

  • Length: 7,3km
  • Altitude asent/descent: 303m/347m
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: 2,5 hrs
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3 – More difficult Ring route returning along “Sentiero dei Paloni” (Paloni path)

A ring route that leaves from Busatte Park: Easy at the start going down the ladder steps and medium on the return path. The Paloni Path is very beautiful and you will go through woods with good steep uphill climbs and fairly technical descents if you are still a novice trekker.

  • Length: 8,4 km
  • Altitude asent/descent: 593m/583m
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Time: 4,5 hrs
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Have a nice walk!

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