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  • 12.07.2009
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Heinz Stickl

The south seas is the birthplace of this boat with more hulls.
The Polynesians, who colonized the pacific ocean, were already navigating across oceans with two hulled boats over 20 knots of speed.

After many unsuccessful developments trough-out the centuries the first beach catamaran was finally built in the western continent in the year 1967-68.
Hobie Alter, a californian surf board producer, created the first catamaran with asymmetric hulls able to sail without a drift. Its Hobie-cat 14 was a worldwide triumph. Hobie-cat 16, the closest to hobie-cat 14, is still today the largest catamaran class of the world. It became an olympic class, and today is still the fastest olympic category.

Today there are many producers and different types of catamarans with different sizes, from small just for the beach to various sizes for recreation sailing, races and regattas.

Catamaran sailing quickly became very popular as the fastest way to sail fascinating sailors with the sensation of flying over the water on a hull.
Learning to sail a catamaran is easy for people of all ages from ten and up.

For anyone who loves and has enthusiasm for water and wind, sailing a catamaran is the perfect life time sport!

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