Rules of the Mountain

Respect the rules to avoid unnecessary risks

Angela Trawoeger

Angela Trawoeger

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Mountains are a wonderful thing but they can be dangerous!
To spend time in the mountains safely means that you have to reduce all risks to a minimum and to make all your excursions on the mountains as enjoyable as possible.

If you respect the following few rules, you will avoid unnecessary risks and also help to keep the mountains as you find them – in all their natural beauty.

The beauty of the places that you will be visiting depends on you!

Nature and Culture

  • Respect local cultures and traditions remembering that you are a guest of the mountains and their inhabitants.
  • Respect nature
  • Take your rubbish home
  • Don’t pick flowers
  • Don’t disturb the animals, don’t make unnecessary noise
  • Don’t light fires


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Choice of route

  • Get as much information as possible about the route – how difficult is it and is it suitable for the least experienced member of your group?
  • Stay on the marked path
  • Tell someone (who isn’t walking with you) where you are going
  • If you are taking children with you, don’t chose paths that require a lot of concentration or physical effort
  • If you are planning to stay in a Refuge overnight, call them first to be sure of them being open and having space.
  • If you are doing a long walk where you will be staying in more than one Refuge overnight, remember to sign the Refuge guest book before leaving.

During your trip

  • Being in a hurry and trying to go too fast are counterproductive. Be careful where you put your feet. Walk slowly and carefully.
  • Keep to the pace of the least fit member of your group.
  • Take regular breaks and drink lots of water.
  • Don’t use your phone unless necessary to save the battery.
view at monte altissimo
Monte Altissimo view

The weather

  • Check the forecast before you leave
  • Remember that in the mountains the weather can change quickly and the temperature can drop significantly.
  • If you see a storm coming, go back to your start point if possible, stay away from isolated trees and don’t linger on the ridges or exposed flanks of the mountain.
  • When in doubt go home – it’s better to try again another time than take unnecessary risks

What to take with you and what to wear

  • Wear comfortable walking boots: don’t be tempted by sandals (or flip-flops, thin soled shoes or smooth-soled shoes). A perfect mountain shoe has a non-slip sole, is waterproof and is light
  • Always take a waterproof backpack with you, warm, wind-proof clothing and a change of clothing.
  • Take lots of liquids, energy giving food, sun-screen, sunglasses and a hat
  • Always take a local map, gps tracking system, mobile phone and first aid kit
  • Don’t forget to take a head torch on long routes, especially in the winter when the daylight hours are shorter. They are light and don’t take up much space.


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In case of accidents

Whoever finds out about an accident or intercepts a call for help is obliged to give help, informing the nearest first aid station or the manager of the nearest Refuge.

Tracking and Help App

GeoResQ is an APP run by the the National Alpine and Cave-Diving Rescue Team (CNSAS) and supported by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) which has a geo-siting service as well as requesting help.

The APP tracks your route in real time which you can archive on a dedicated site and, when necessary, it sends an alarm and request for help via the central operating system, GeoResQ.

Useful and Emergency telephone numbers

  • Emergency: 118
    Immediately notify to the operator where you are: place and province.

International Distress signals

To Call for help

Make the same audio or visual signal SIX times in one minute. Wait a minute and then repeat.

To Answer a distress signal

Make the same audio or visual signal THREE times in one minute. Wait a minute and then repeat.

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