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Holiday 2020: Coronavirus in Italy

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  • 03.05.2020
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# 1 Covid-19 – 3 may 2020
The new section with updates on post-Covid-19 reopenings. How to live the Lake Garda experience in safety? Which sports, where, how and with whom?

first how is it going? How did you live and how are you living the quarantine? Here on Lake Garda everything is fine. Some of us have trained at home with bike rollers and home made tools, someone tried with poor results (like me 😉 ) while others prefer to wait and have fun outdoors.

We look forward to seeing you again at our home and in the meantime, keep us company on Facebook and Instagram with some pictures of our nature that give its best in this period.

The decrees have came out since a short time and every sport has different limits based on how and where it is praticated. Let’s try to put together all the informations we have so far.

Individual sports

Starting from may 4th we will be allowed to leave home to do sport but it has to be individual activities and has to be possible to do them outdoors respecting the distances. The safety distance is defined as one meter for motor activities and two meters for sport activities. You are allowed to move with public or private vehicles to start the activity.

It’s not mandatory to wear a mask during sport activities but it has to be worn as soon as you stop and if the distance cannot be kept. You have to keep with you a sanitizer gel or disposable gloves.


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Water sports

Starting from may 4th you can go swimming, windsurfing, kite surfing etc. and travel by bike, car or motorbike in or out of your town. For the windsurf updates you can follow 4Windsurf on facebook.

The headquarter of kite club Malcesine at Navene Beach is still closed.

Land and mountain sports

Trekking, running, nordic walking, climbing and mountain bike can be done.
Playing or recreational activities are prohibited; therefore the walk must have an excercise function and it is not allowed to stop to sunbathe or read a book.

In the mountains it is easier to maintain social distancing and there are not only the most famous destinations. Along Lake Garda there are very wide mountains full of trails and we should visit them all, avoiding to concentrate in just a few areas.

If you are a cyclist here are the 10 recommendations from Davide Cassani that we advise:

  1. Pedal alone
  2. Use disposable tissues
  3. Don’t throw rubbish, put it in your pockets
  4. Use glasses or goggles
  5. Mask, gloves and gel with you, they can be useful
  6. Make sure to sanitize the water bottle, the bike and the helmet
  7. Start with easy sessions
  8. Look for uncrowded streets
  9. Use your head, not just the legs
  10. Be an example and be careful

Green light for climbing too but, for now, alone or with the cohabitants.

Nothing is known yet for the paraglider. Due to social distancing, it is one of the safest sports but there is currently no official go-ahead.

The cable car Malcesine Monte Baldo

The cable car Malcesine Monte Baldo is closed and there are no official information updates.

Schools, guides, rentals and shuttles

Also schools, rentals and activities with guides are closed but in a few days we should have more news.

Shuttle and bike-shuttle services are being organized for Monte Baldo with limited capacity, guaranteeing hygiene and safety rules.
We will be back here to bring you news updates as soon as possible.


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The shelters

The shelters of Monte Baldo will reopen when the new directives come in, presumably in early June.

Among the proposals of the CAI there is that of staying overnight in a tent near the shelter if it is not possible to host inside. It could be an alternative idea for shelters that have large dormitories. The structure would supply the catering and toilets. This is therefore not free camping.

The mountain is a school of character, honesty, solidarity and love for nature.

These are the words of Luigi Bombardieri that will be reported on the new cards of the Italian Alpine Club.

Let’s restart with enthusiasm and faith but also with calm, to enjoy the countryside without taking risks.risks. It takes common sense and respect, for us and for others.

Let’s keep in touch

We are talking to the presidents of the sports clubs, with the associations, the schools and the guides to update you on which sports can be done on Lake Garda and how.

Subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on facebook, to find out how it goes and what you can do at Lake Garda. We will publish articles as we have certain news.

Last update: may 4th 2020, 10:00.

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