Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Lake Garda. Star World Championship 2014

For the first time in Europe, a Star Worlds held on freshwater

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  • 15.07.2014
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July 2014. The Star World Championships have just finished at Malcesine and Lake Garda goes into the History Books.


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A great event of particular importance to the Fraglia Vela Malcesine and its President Gianni Testa with their long tradition of adherence to the Star class. FVM Club members include Roberto Benamati, who won the World Championships in Cannes in 1991 and the many times winners Flavio Scala, Mauro Testa and Albino Fravezzi runner up in the Worlds and European Championships.

If you thought that the Star Class, now no longer an Olympic class, would fade from view… well, you are mistaken! The Star is a technical boat ‘par excellence’, the queen of traditional boat building lines but with an amazing fit-out. This is a prestigious class with sailors of great prowess who feature in the halls of fame of sailing worldwide.

This World championship featured 92 boats representing 19 nations.
Some of the great names of sailing were here: Torben Grael, five times Olympic medal winner, his brother Lars Grael, french Xavier Rohart, American Mark Reynolds, two times Olympic gold medal winner, Italian Diego Negri who sails with Garda sailor Sergio Lambertenghi, Norwegian Melleby, Swiss Marazzi, German Hagen, Greek Papathanasiou and the Americans Diaz and Szabo. The world champions with Gold Star on their sails are six. Also racing were local Roberto Benamati with his crew Dan Lovrovic, son Michele Benamati (born in 1994) sailing with Luca Mefezzoli, and Albino Fravezzi “The Garda Doge” sailing with his son Fabio.

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At the end of six races, the winners were Robert Stanjek and Kleen Frithjof two points ahead of Italians Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi. In third place were Norwegian Eivind Melleby sailing with Brazilian Bruno Prada. In ninth place was the Brazilian Torben Grael, former tactician for Luna Rossa in the America’s Cup. A wonderful 18th place for young laser sailor, Michele Benamati, after his first experience in a competition of this calibre. He left one place behind him Lars Grael, and in 23rd place Albino Fravezzi and his father Roberto in 37th place.

You can see videos of the six days of sailing, together with interviews and the prize giving ceremony on Star Sailors League YouTube channel.

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