Malcesine is located in the province of Verona, on the north eastern shore of Lake Garda and at the foot of Monte Baldo. It covers 68 km2 and includes two hamlets called Cassone and Navene.

Malcesine and sport

Thanks to the combination of lake/mountain it has a lot to offer every sport addict because of the wide range of sports that can be done here, more than in most other places in the world.

On regular windy days, the Pelèr, the strong famous north wind in the morning, and the Ora, the milder but regular afternoon wind that comes from the south, can satisfy all your sailing needs whether you kitesurf, windsurf or sail and if you are a beginner or a pro.

The Pride of Malcesine is its "Fraglia della Vela", organizing every year many events and regattas from local and European to World Championships. The Sailing Club is very keen to encourage sports activities for young people, giving 450 kids a year the chance to try watersports and hopefully bringing them to sailing. In facts lots of national and international awards have been won by these young athletes coming from Fraglia Della Vela Malcesine.

Heading a bit north you find one of the only two beaches allowed to be used for kitesurfing, organised by the local club.

And if Lake Garda means windsurfing to you, you will know the parking lot at Retellino for sure, sometimes called "Park" by the I-ride-everyday guys, which can be really crowded when the north wind blows hard.

Above Malcesine there is Monte Baldo which is easily reachable by the Malcesine Monte Baldo cable car which takes you to Tratto Spino at nearly 1800m.a.s.l. As well as its flora and fauna, Monte Baldo is also known for its amazing view overlooking Lake Garda. There are plenty of easy and difficult paths for you: not just for mountainbike lovers but for walkers too.


Monte Baldo is a difficult place to ride and most of the trails end in the Riserva, where it is forbidden to cycle. However, there is an easy trail leading you from Monte Baldo to Malcesine, descending the east side, which is allowed as it isn't in the Reserve.

If you like to walk uphill, some paths start from Malcesine going all the way to the top of Monte Baldo, and these paths are not suitable for bikes. Relaxing strolls along the beach are of course to consider.

Malcesine is well known for its paragliding possibility too, giving you the opportunity to try flying with experienced pilots in their tandem flights. Moreover there is climbing crags, running trails and nordic walking, SUP and canoe, ski and alp ski as well as snowboarding.

So what are you waiting for?!


Sports holiday in Malcesine: schools and guides

There are plenty of schools all around the territory, where you can enjoy full courses giving you the opportunity of learning to do your favourite sport completely autonomously or improving it. Or simply try something new with test day courses..

Mountain guides are there for you too, no matter if you walk or ride a bicycle, letting you walk around safe and sound because they know where to put their feet!

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Malcesine and tourists

This small town, clustered around its castle, still has strong links to its medieval origins. The historic centre is a labyrinth of small streets reflecting the local businesses of the town.


This is a place that has, for many years, dedicated itself to the needs of tourists. We don't need to state the obvious: you'll find excellent, well equipped campsites, hotels to every taste and some with fitness centres, private beaches and gardens shaded by ancient olive trees. The town Council of Malcesine offers a "Tourist Bus" service which covers most of the area between Cassone and Navene (including Malcesine) every hour until the early hours of the morning. Timetables are available eat each stop and also from the APT bus station in Malcesine.

If you have had enough of sport, just relax lying on the beach or having a drink in one of the many bars you can find from the beach to the center of Malcesine.

In the evenings you can try some wine in one of the central wine bars, eat some good local food in the Malcesine restaurants and trattorias and finish the evening in a bar or pub in the historic town centre.

On a summer's evening there are also organized and improvised evening parties and concerts both in the town and also on the beaches nearby helping guests to wholly integrate in local culture.


The town of Malcesine, history bits...

Malcesine, like many other lake Garda towns, is very old and has its origins in prehistory: archaeological digs have discovered many pile-built lake dwellings. Over the course of centuries, this area has been subject to many invasions and migrations of people from northern Europe.

The first thing you will notice wandering around Malcesine is the Scaligero Castle with its high towers rising from the rocky cliffs below. The view of the town from the top of the tower is spectacular.


In the historic centre of town you will also find: the Captain's Palace in gothic-venetian style with its murals and small garden overhanging the lake; the port and the beautiful lake-side walk. Malcesine, with its historic and romantic twists and turns is, and has been, a place of interest and refuge for artists.

In 1786 the poet Wolfgang Goethe stayed here and left several drawings of the area which are preserved in the Scaligero Museum. Gustav Klimt, the Viennese exponent of Art Nouveau, also spent some time in Malcesine and did some beautiful paintings of the Hamlet of Navene and Malcesine.

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