Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo is part of the Gardesana PreAlps which, together with Monte Altissimo of Nago, forms the Baldo range.

The Baldo range is about 40km long, runs from North-East to South-West and has a surface area of about 320km². The height of the peaks ranges from 65m to 2218m the highest being the peak at Valdritta.

If you leave from the Lake and head up towards the mountain tops, you will notice the difference in climate and vegetation: Low down there is an evergreen belt next to the Lake of a typical Mediterranean mixture of olives, vines, oleander, citrus fruits and lavender that enjoys the mild climate; from about 400m.a.s.l. a European Oak and Chestnut wood starts continuing up to around 800m, mixed with Ash and Pines; above this are beech woods containing some very ancient trees and then, above 1600m.a.s.l. Fir.

The variety of the vegetation to be found on Monte Baldo explains why it is often referred to as “The Garden of Europe”.

The animals to be found on Baldo are also special. 960 different kinds of butterfly have been found including some very rare species, and many other kinds of insects. There are marmots, golden eagles, mountain goats, chamois, squirrels and hare.

Monte Baldo

Protected areas on Monte Baldo

On the west-facing slopes of Monte Baldo, there are two protected areas. In these reserves it is forbidden to pick flowers, fruit, mushrooms and rocks and also to harm or disturb the animals. You may not light fires or be there with bikes or dogs. You are asked to walk in silence to not disturb the animals. You must always stay on the marked paths.

The Lastoni Selva Pezzi Reserve

This covers 986 hectares of land and stretches from 1030m to 2200m.a.s.l. to Punta Telegrafo. It is one of the most important areas of interest in flora and fauna on the whole Baldo range. The land is a mosaic of beech and white fir woods with stretches of dwarf mountain pine, grassy slopes above the forests, cliffs and shale, all rich in rare and protected species of plants.

This zone has a wonderful range of rare and endogenous fauna. The mountains are nesting grounds for the golden eagle, hazel grouse, wild pheasants, rock partridge, boreal owl, the black woodpecker, wallcreeper, alpine swallows and white winged snowfinch.

The Western Gardesana Reserve

This covers an area of 218 hectares and is found in northernmost part of the Malcesine borough. It is typified by the presence of Holm Oak together with Laurel, Judas tree, Turpentine tree and Broom. This reserve is rich in endemic plant species that are either rare or almost extinct. Fauna you may find here are typical woodland birds such as the warbler, Sardinian warbler, Greater Whitethroat, Shrike and Bunting.

Sport on Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo is often called an open-air stadium and is well known for trekking, cycling and paragliding.

Make a note of the Lake Garda Mountain Race – this is a splendid running race that takes place every autumn and starts from the Lake and goes up the western slopes of Monte Baldo.

The hilly zones at the feet of Monte Baldo are ideal for Nordic Walking and for excursions suitable for all types of walker. Higher up on the mountain range you will also find via ferrate, alpine tracks and cliffs.

The Monte Baldo range rises over Lake Garda and the combination of the two will give you breathtaking and unforgettable views and memories.

Monte Baldo

Walking excursions and itineraries on Monte Baldo

There are walks suitable for everyone. At low level there are many easy excursions and higher up the slopes you will find many more physically and technically challenging.

If you come to Lake Garda on holiday and want to spend a day on Monte Baldo, there are some “must do” treks such as Sentiero del Ventrar, the Peaks of Baldo tour or walks on Monte Altissimo.

Biking on Monte Baldo

The highest part of Monte Baldo, above Malcesine, is suitable for expert mountain bikers. The lower parts near San Michele and on the hills at the south end of the range around Brenzone are more suitable for everyone.

Click here for all the information on cycling and mountain biking on Monte Baldo.

Paragliding take-off zone on Monte Baldo

At Colma di Malcesine, to the north of the top station of the Cable Car, you will find the paragiding launching zone. Click here for more information about paragliding.

Weather and Web Cams on Monte Baldo

On this link you can find the Monte Baldo/Tratto Spino web cam. You will find information about the weather, temperatures and winds at the foot of this page.

How to get to Tratto Spino, on Monte Baldo

  • From Malcesine or San Michele, use the Cable Car
  • On foot from Malcesine or San Michele. Use this link for all itineraries.
  • By car up the eastern slopes and from the north from Mori and the Altopiano Brentonico or from Ala/Avio up to the Bocca Navene. Take Provincial Road no. 8 (which is closed in the winter)
  • By car up the eastern slopes, coming up from the south at Caprino Veronese and Ferrara di Monte Baldo up to the chair lift at Pra’ Alpesina or Bocca Navene. Take Provincial Road no. 8 (which is closed in the winter).

If you want to reach the starting point of the itinerary by car, we suggest using the smallest number of cars as possible.

Suitable behaviour in the mountains

Enjoy your time in the mountains here with respect for the environment and in safety will reduce the risks to yourselves and increase your appreciation of the beauty of your surroundings. Click here for some suggestions.

Useful and Emergency phone numbers

It is enough to walk in the midst of nature, to stop for a moment to listen, get rid of the unnecessary and to understand the things that happen rarely to live well.

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