Cross-country route to San Zeno di Montagna pinewood Sperane on Monte Baldo

Easy and fun MTB circuit in the woods

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A loop circuit suitable for a training with xc bicycles and accessible all year long. The route starts in San Zeno di Montagna and covers the paths of the pinewood Sperane on gravel road, dirt track and undergrowth.

Map and GPS-Track


  • Technical characteristics

    • Starting point
      San Zeno
    • Endpoint
      San Zeno
    • Route
      San Zeno – Jungle Adventure Park – Pineta Sperane – Canevoi – San Zeno
    • Starting height
    • Highest point
    • Altitude – ascent/descent
    • Distance
    • Duration
      1 hrs
  • Difficulty

    • Difficulty
    • Technical difficulty (1 to 5)
    • Physical training (1 to 5)
  • Scenic appeal

    • Experience (1 to 5)
    • Landscape (1 to 5)
  • Type of route

    • Round tour
    • Suitable for families and children
  • Best time of year

    • All year over
      without snow


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Points of interest along this bike trail

The trail inside the pinewood is really amazing. You can find some descriptive tables about flora and fauna of the area all along the track. When leaving the pinewood you will immediately see a small hamlet, Canevoi, overlooking the southern part of Lake Garda. Jungle Adventure Park is located along the track, just before entering the pinewood.

Tour description

It starts from San Zeno, close to the church, and heads south on tarmac. Then take the first tarmac road going up on the left with indications for Jungle Adventure Park.

Continue on tarmac road up to the park, where the road begins to flatten and bend slightly to the right.

Take the small road on the left, first on tarmac then on gravel, follow it and take the second path on the right next to a hairpin bending from the right to the left.

Follow it until you will end up on tarmac road again, cross it and turn first left and then immediately right to enter another gravel path, very flow, slightly going down, leading you inside the Sperane pinewood.

Take the first junction on the left and follow the wider path until you will find road signs for Canevoi on the left.

Inside the pinewood is not difficult to miss the right path due to the presence of many different traces and cuts along the main path. No panic! More crossroads indicating Canevoi are located along the track. All the cuts have mostly the same difficulty and road conditions.

Follow the trail downhill to contrada Canevoi and ride past it, than take the tarmac road that, with its sweet ups and downs, will lead you back to San Zeno passing next to the football field and public swimming pool.

You are now south of the center, on the main road. Turn right and in few meters you will reach the church completing your loop tour.


As mentioned before, within the Sperane pine forest there are a lot of cuts and small paths. Try them and don’t be afraid of getting lost, because there are signs on every main intersection.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail



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The tour during the winter

It can be done even in winter in absence of snow.

Our suggestions

  • A nice earthy terrain is there for you to let the brakes go and have fun on easy single trails, with some more technical passages.But do not overdo it in the woods, there are also walkers.
  • It is an amazing circuit even for running or just for a stroll in the wood.
  • This loop trail is perfect for training, just do it again and again. It can be suggested for people who likes to come close to mtb on earthy terrain, with some slightly technical parts.

How to reach the starting point of the trail

San Zeno next to the church.


At the church.

Public transport

ATV public transport

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