Monte Baldo trekking route from Prada Alta to Refuge Mondini

A medium difficulty panoramic route in San Zeno di Montagna, on Lake Garda

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This is an ideal half day walk for anyone who wants to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The route leaves from Prada Alta, is 8 km long and the up and down hills are not very difficult.

Map and GPS Track


  • Technical characteristics

    • Starting point
      Prada Alta
    • Endpoint
      Prada Alta
    • Route
      Prada Alta – Baito Folensino – Baito Ortigara – Sentiero 51 – Rifugio Mondini – Baito di Ortigaretta – Prada Alta
    • Starting height
    • Highest point
    • Altitude – ascent/descent
    • Distance
      8,2 km
    • Duration
      3 hrs
  • Difficulty

  • Scenic appeal

    • Experience (1 to 5)
    • Landscape (1 to 5)
  • Type of route

    • Round tour
    • Suitable for families
    • Panoramic route
  • Best time of year

    • From April to December
      without snow


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Points of interest along this hiking trail

As with all the walks in this zone, you will be delighted with the wonderful views. This area is very quiet and not many people come here. It is a real countryside scene with cows along the way and various wells and watering holes for cattle to drink from.

Tour description

From Prada Alta, at the parking lot for the chair lifts, you go along a small tarmac road to the north of the car park going past the Locanda Sole Neve.

This path then becomes rough cement and you go past a small cow gate. At the fork in the road keep going up on your right. Stay on the main path which is sometimes cement and sometimes not until you get to Baito Folesino.

Follow the path on your right going downhill through the fields until you get to a wide rough road. Straight away on your left you will see a gate with the typical path indicators of red and white stripes. Go through this and follow the path in the fields which is shown by small cairns and red/white horizontal stripes.

The path bends to the left to go into the woods and then uphill until it gets to a wider rough road. Go across this and carry on uphill until you reach path no. 51.

This part of the route is well signed with horizontal red/white stripes and cairns and there are no vertical signs.

When you get to path no 51, go uphill on your left for a few metres and take a shortcut on the left which will bring you to a field under Baito Ortigara. Go past the old mangers and you will find yourself again on path no. 51 which carries on left until you find a well for the cows in a big field.

Going round the well on the right, follow the path until a gate: go past this and after a few metres take the path that you find on your right.
At the next fork in the road in the vicinity of Baito Ortigaretta, go right uphill to the Refuge Mondini Turri which you will be able to see. This Refuge is actually closed but is half way up the Prada-Costabella chair lift.

The view from the terrace of this Refuge over Lake Garda is beautiful.

Take a breather and then set off back down the path to the fork in the road where you will see a drinking trough for the cows. Go right following the path that goes downhill for a while and is a little steeper than the uphill path.
Go under the chairlift and carry on downhill staying on the main path until you find yourself back at Prada Alta above the Locanda Sole e Neve.



Our suggestions

  • When there aren’t any refuges open, take something to eat and drink with you and have a picnic with a wonderful view on the terrace of the old Mondini Refuge
  • Watch out for the horizontal signs and download gps coordinates as there are few other signs along the route
  • Always remember to close gates behind you so cattle don’t escape

The tour during the winter

You can’t do this walk in the winter when it has snowed.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail

  • Locanda Sole Neve
    Via Prada Alta – close to the Prada-Costabella chair lift
    T. +39 045 728 5693


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How to reach the starting point of the trail

From San Zeno, follow the road that takes you to Prada and then the carpark for the Prada-Costabella chair lift.


There is a big car park south of the lift station.

Public transport


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