Hiking at Lake Garda among the Great War Fortifications: Monte Corno in Nago

Perlone and Predabusa loop: route of medium difficulty among shelters, tunnels, and trenches


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Monte Corno di Nago at Lake Garda was home to the Austro-Hungarian front line during the Great War: the “Stützpunkt Perlone,” the “Busa dei Capitani,” and the numerous trenches and lookout points bear witness to this. The views of the lake, Monte Altissimo, and the Sarca Valley from the strategic points of the fortifications are not to be missed.

The hike is spread over two loops, the Perlone loop and the Predabusa loop, which can also be hiked separately, but we offer you the full version.

In just under 4 hours and about 600 m of elevation gain, you will go from the carefree life of Lake Garda to the silence that these places of memory always bring.

Map and GPS Track


  • Technical characteristics

    • Starting point
    • Endpoint
    • Route
      Nago, Castagneto di Nago, Busa dei Capitani, Località Tre Croci, Stützpunkt Predabusa, Stützpunkt Perlone, Nago
    • Starting height
    • Highest point
    • Altitude – ascent/descent
    • Distance
      6,3 km
    • Duration
      4 hrs
  • Difficulty

  • Scenic appeal

    • Experience (1 to 5)
    • Landscape (1 to 5)
  • Type of route

    • Round tour
    • Panoramic route
    • Historical route
    • Insider tip
  • Best time of year

    • All year over
      without snow


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Points of interest along this route

Here is a summary of the fortifications, trenches, command posts, artillery emplacements, tanks, and depots you will encounter. Still, I recommend you stop and read the new and comprehensive information displays near these points of interest.

Take the time to explore this intricate Austro-Hungarian fortified system.

  • Fuciliera di Nago: from here, you can see the main posts of the Austro-Hungarian defense system of Upper Garda, with a view of Loppio;
  • Busa dei Capitani: housed the command of the military garrison; Emperor Franz Joseph and Archduke Charles of Habsburg signed two bas-reliefs;
Busa dei Capitani, firma Carlo I
  • Quartering: remains of a two-story building that constituted the barracks for housing the troops, with a small storage cavern;
  • Predabusa emplacement: small- and medium-caliber artillery emplacement looking toward the Italian front of Monte Altissimo;
  • Stützpunkt Predabusa: a post that connected friendly posts and monitored enemy activity, communicating by telephone or telegraph with Fort St. Alexander of Mt. Brione;
  • Trench to Arco: was built in case of a breakthrough of the first line of defense and entry of the Italian army into the Upper Garda plain; even with small-caliber artillery, it was possible to reach the town of Arco;
Trincea verso Arco
  • Stützpunkt Perlone: a post where 9-cm artillery pieces, frequently used on the Austro-Hungarian front, were used.
Stützpunkt Perlone

Route description

Leave your car in Nago at the Coel pay parking lot, head to the traffic circle, and keep to the right to take the road to the Hotel Nido D’Aquila. A path replaces the asphalt, and you will encounter the first signs marked “Monte Corno – Anello del Perlone,” which will accompany you along the entire route.

Shortly after, you find one of the most exposed sections of the trail, protected by a metal lanyard, which leads you to a beautiful grove of holm oaks on an easy rocky slab.

Anello del Perlone, salita da Nago

We recommend the detour to Fuciliera di Nago before reaching the chestnut grove to enjoy the view of Loppio, Monte Creino, and the fortified line that joins it to Monte Corno.

Resume walking through the woods until the trail crosses the forest road. Here there is a bench with a beautiful view of the lake.

Punto panoramico sul Lago di Garda

Continue to the Castagneto di Nago, equipped with tables and benches, which is home to the Roccia delle Roncole (a pruning hook for  climbing plants), with engravings of uncertain date, but confirming that these places have been crucial crossing points since ancient times.

Continue to the left, coming out of the chestnut grove, cross the forestry road, and take the path on the left behind the bench to the locality Tre Croci and Busa dei Capitani. Keep walking on the beautiful quiet path through the forest, strewn with large boulders that resulted from a large landslide in prehistoric times, until you come to a sign indicating the detour to Busa dei Capitani.

Busa dei Capitani
Busa dei Capitani

After visiting the command, return to the junction and take trail No. 637 toward Prà delle Cronale on the narrow track to the left. You will find yourself passing by the Quartering, and before long, you will begin to see signs for the Predabusa Loop. Momentarily abandon the Perlone Loop, which you will resume on the way back, and head towards Località Tre Croci, the border point of the municipalities of Nago, Torbole, and Ronzo Chienis.

From here begins an area rich in artifacts. Take the time to explore it by following the signs for the “Deviazione gruppo trincee” (Deviation group trenches), where you will find the barracks of the Predabusa Field Command.

08 Monte Corno Anello Perlone Predabusa Nago Lago di Garda 360gardalife 1024x683

Continue along the trail and reach the artillery emplacement of the same name. You are straight above the rock with Lake Garda opening up before you. The view of Torbole, the mouth of the Sarca River, and the Brescian mountains is truly stunning!

Stützpunkt Predabusa

Continue along the trail and reach the artillery emplacement of the same name. You are straight above the rock with Lake Garda opening up before you. The view of Torbole, the mouth of the Sarca River, and the Brescian mountains is truly stunning!

Stützpunkt Predabusa

Go down on the forest road and cross it downhill to the “Cisterne d’acqua” (Water Cisterns) signs. Pass by the side of the camp kitchen, where the hearth is still visible. Continue remaining on a narrow path until you reach the Trench towards Arco.

Return to the outward path until you meet the signs indicating “Monte Corno – Anello Predabusa- RIENTRO (Return).” Follow them until you reach a steep wooden staircase that takes you back to the Perlone Loop. Follow the signs to Stützpunkt Perlone – Nago along a narrow path with an unstable rocky base. Stop at the Salina Trench and continue to Stützpunkt Perlone on Trail No. 637. Another view of the lake and its mountains awaits you, along with a visit to the fort.

Stützpunkt Perlone
Stützpunkt Perlone
Trincea della Salina
Salina Trench

Continue downhill on the dirt road until you come to a meadow. Keep following the signs for the Perlone loop to the left and then those for Nago. To avoid making a return on asphalt, I recommend cutting right on a narrow path behind the sign indicating the loop until you reach Via Coel, behind the parking lot, which you find at the end of the next street on the right.


The two Perlone and Predabusa loops can also be walked separately.

Our tipps

  • The signage has recently been renewed, making the trail more accessible and more intuitive. However, don’t underestimate the maze of trails on Monte Corno, and take this copy of the route with you to avoid getting lost, as has happened to us.
  • There are no rest stops along the trail, but you will find tables where you can have a picnic: remember to pack water and food in your backpack.
  • If you walk the trail in the middle of summer, avoid the hottest hours of the day.

The excursion in winter

All year round without snow.

Refuges, shelters or refreshment points along this walk

In Nago


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How to reach the starting point of the route

By car

Nago can be reached by car via the village of Torbole or from Arco via the Maza road. Both roads intersect at the traffic circle where the parking lot for the start of the route is located.

Public Transport

The bus stop from various parts of Alto Garda to Nago (in the direction of Rovereto) is located on Strada Rivana, about 150 meters from the start of the route.

This route passes by Torbole sul Garda e Nago

Before or after the route, during an excursion or on holiday, stop to visit the small villages of Lake Garda

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