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Easy, medium and difficult paths; guided tours and mountain bike guides

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The reason why it is so cool to go on a two-wheeler on Lake Garda

Water and mountains together. The Lake shores, the paths, the mule tracks and small villages, the pastures, woods and mountain peaks: all this in one place. Add to all this the masterpieces of the Garda landscapes and everything will be perfect! You will feel good, and have plenty of fun.

Lake Garda is a wonderful place that can be explored by several routes. This is thanks not only to well-maintained trails and panoramas, which would be enough by itself, but also to the associations and local guides, the specialized shops and rental outlets, the accomodation for bikers and the international events. Last but not least, on Lake Garda there are about to 1000 meters of altitude you can ride up and down all year long.

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To each their own trail

It doesn’t matter if it’s by road bike, cross country, all mountain, enduro, freeride or DH, on Lake Garda there are trails for everyone, from easy flat rides to tough ascents with big gradients and technical descents for the most extreme bikers.
You can relax on your bike enjoying some free time without getting exhausted or ride at high frequency to train and improve. There are so many roads and trails that you can choose your track based on the time you have or how much effort you want to put into it.

Bike events on North Lake Garda (aka Alto Garda)

Starting from 1993, the mountain bike season has been inaugurated with the Bike Festival of Alto Garda: the festival puts together the international mountain bike scene in a huge show ground including bike tests, shows, races and exhibitions. There is a stage of the Transalp and many others races organized by local associations such as uphill of Punta Veleno or the King of Baldo of the Associazione Alto Garda Bike Arena.

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Bike trails on Lake Garda

All the routes you see published here have been tried, described, photographed and tracked by us. The GPS coordinates are free and you can download them from each itinerary page. There are easy, average or difficult trails, physically and technically. Have fun in finding them!

Trails with MTB guides on Lake Garda

Are you alone, do you want to ride in a group or don't you know where to go? Choose a suitable trail for your level and let a guide take you into the most beautiful spots.

MTB guides

The local guides always know a little more: they know all the trails, the short-cuts and the tracks that will suit you. Find out who they are and leave your map at home.

Bike shuttle and bike rents on Lake Garda

Everything you need to rent a bike, repairing yours or even buying a new one. Scheduled rides to the most loved trails of Alto Garda to fully enjoy a day on your two wheels.

Accomodation for bikers

Packed lunch, bike workshop, maps consultation and guided tour booking. Find out where to sleep on Lake Garda and which services are available to you.

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