Canyoning at Lake Garda

Into the ravines of the streams of Val di Ledro, in Tignale and on Monte Baldo

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What is canyoning

Fun and adrenalin in a wild environment. An adventure in beautiful natural settings, normally hidden from the eyes of other tourists.

Lake Garda is originally glacial and its torrents have formed deep ravines over the years which are perfect for canyoning.
Don’t confuse canyoning with rafting. Both take place on river courses but canyoning brings you down the water flow by foot along steep ravines with narrow sides.

You may have to make your way down attached to a rope to get over waterfalls or boulders. You may have to dive and jump into natural crystal clear rock pools. You may have to slide your way over rocky stretches being borne along by the water currents.

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Canyoning is a group sport, good for families too, suitable for anyone who is reasonably fit, as long as you aren’t afraid of water or trying your limits.

To do canyoning it is necessary to trust the experience of the local alpine guides who knows the ravines and the tecniques to proceed in safety.

We do canyoning every year, to be together and free our minds. Is magical to dive into the crystal waters of the mountain streams and seems impossible that such beautiful, wild and special places can be found near Lake Garda. Each time we have as much fun as the first time. You just need to want to do it and our mountain guides take care of the rest.

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Canyoning tours

Choose between easy, average or long and difficult, with the family or with friends; whether with waterfalls, long descents or dives into the natural pools of the streams.

Canyoning guides on Lake Garda

Let a local guide take you to the hidden canyons of Lake Garda.

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