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​Nordic walking on Lake Garda

​Where to walk from lake to mountain

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​Paths and nordic walking parks

As for trekking and for walking, on Lake Garda there are many kilometers of itineraries also for nordic walking. On the beach, through the hills or in the mountains, here you can practice nordic all year round and find the path that suits you the most.

Some villages of Lake Garda have developed a real park with maps and appropriate signs. The very first walking park on Lake Garda, authorised by the Italian Nordic walking school has been opened in Brenzone sul Garda in 2015.
The year after, the park joyned the one in Malcesine and together they cover over 90 kilometers of paths designed to be tackled with the nordic walking technique. Further north you find the “Arco Park Garda Trentino” ( link ) that, with 13 itineraries, covers 100 kilometers with a difference in altitude of over 2500 meters.

Cos’è il nordic walking?

A sport for everyone, funny and easy to learn; an invitation to a healthy and sporty lifestyle.

​Nordic walking combines the walk and the use of specially designed poles that are used to push and not as support.

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​With the help of the poles the arms push in an opposite and alternate way against the feet, involving up to 90% of the muscles of the body. A sport to be practiced everywhere, even on variable gradient terrains but not steep. The ideal gradient is between 4 and 8%.

​The inventor of modern nordic walking is Marko Kantaneva but this sport was originally invented by the cross-country skiers that used it as a summer training to simulate the cross-country ski techniques.

​Nordic walking is good both for cardio and blood circulation, strengthens arms and shoulders ,improves back posture, tones gluteal and abs muscles. Nordic walking is an easy, cheap and funny way to practice an outdoor sport all year round.

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Nordic walking paths on Lake Garda

Acccomodations for nordic walkers on Lake Garda

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