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Alpine skiing and snowboarding on Monte Baldo

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Snowboard on Monte Baldo

Around Malcesine the Lake is not the only place to practice a sport with a board: Monte Baldo, with its 1800 mt of altitude and its amazing scenery, becomes a perfect playground for snow-boarders in the winter time.

To snowboard on Baldo is no ordinary experience. Away from the crowded and chaotic larger alpine resorts, on Baldo you’ll find a serene environment.

There isn’t a snowpark here but that’s no good reason not to visit! One good reason to visit is the amazing surroundings: the Lake below and the hillsides make for a spectacular view in summer and winter alike.

And, as mentioned before, it’s never too chaotic here and that means that when the heavens decide to give us another layer of fresh snow… sshhh and enjoy!

After exceptionally abundant snowfalls you can even make the long descent from the top of the Monte Baldo to the middle cable station of S. Michele, surrounded by breath-taking views.

From the top of Monte Baldo there are four different ski-runs to choose from, which can be surfed whilst enjoying the mild climate. The slopes of Pra Alpesina have several possible descents with many cliffs and changes of steepness which give full range to your snowboarding fantasies.

Don’t forget that the cost of a day on Monte Baldo is “easy” compared with other more famous and distant resorts.

Skiing on Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo has a mild climate thanks to the presence of Lake Garda, and it is a “good weather oasis” for those who live there. It is the best place to spend a week-end away from the cold and foggy weather typical in this period.

Monte Baldo is a ski resort from December to March.
You are able to get there by cable-car from Malcesine in just a few minutes. Here you will find 4 very different runs. You can ski on smooth slopes like Colma and Pozza with medium difficulty, or you can tackle the two steep walls of Prà Alpesina.

For beginners there is a blue run perfect for learning: it’s called Paperino. The slopes are located on the summit of Monte Baldo exposed on beautiful days to the sun, where you can relax and take some time out. All this in a wonderful landscape, with amazing views of the summits covered by snow on the mountain chain around it and all the way to Garda. Often there are spectacular rosy sunsets.

In many restaurants you can eat typical mountain dishes and spend a good time with friends.

I believe all this is enough to let you have a wonderful time on Monte Baldo and, when you go back home, to think about the time spent here and to make new plans to come back soon to enjoy another day!

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