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Where, how and when to paddle with the Sup

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To live Lake Garda in a sporty way

The SUP, Stand Up Paddling, combines the surf board with the paddle and rowing while standing in an upright position. Sup is easy, training, independent and rewarding. And it’s also good fun. All you need is being able to swim and have a good sense of balance.

Paddling is also good to keep you fit: you train every muscle of your body, you improve your balance and, as for every sport, it helps feeling better physically but above all mentally. Be sure that SUP is anything but boring!

SUP is also performed in absence of wind by windsurfers and kitesurfers as a training activity.

When and with whom you can SUP

If you’re a beginner the best moment for learning is late in the morning, when the wind changes from Pelèr (northern wind) to Ora (southern wind), or in the evening when Ora drops down and the lake gets quiet. Our suggestion is to take a lesson to learn quickly how to paddle.

If you can paddle already you can go at any time of day, but with waves and wind you’re going to have a little trouble. And if you’re an expert you can have good fun riding the waves downwind with the strong morning wind.

Are you aware that sailing schools also organize groups of SUP paddle boarders? This is a good way to discover the most secluded corners of our lake with a local expert.

Lately Sup-yoga courses have taken root: you moor to a buoy not far from the beach and you do yoga on the Sup board in small groups and away from the crowd.

Sup is also a crossover sport

With your Sup you can also do cruising along the coastline; it’s like having a different mean of transport to walk on the water. It is amazing to discover small beaches, small villages, islands, waterfalls and vertical rocks that dive straight into the water; and all this from your Sup board. These are inaccessible perspectives you would never notice looking the lake from the coast.

We usually paddle in the evening to end our day in a happy way and we often stop in one of the bars along the shore.
And if in the summer heat you feel like taking a dip in the lake… bring it on!

Courses and paddling with your Sup

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