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Wing foil on Lake Garda

Where and when to go out with the wing foil: the tips from the locals, the winds, the spots and the schools

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Welcome wing, we were waiting for you

If you already know Lake Garda you know that its winds are also suitable to lift a board and to make it fly on the water. The lake is generally not too choppy and it has a long wave, perfect both to learn and to downwind.

The first wings were actually seen in the 80’s but they were stiff and heavy prototypes very far from the faster and more agile windsurf, which was much more popular.

The wing foil was born some years ago in the Hawaii where all kinds of foiling, surf, sup, windsurf and kite are constantly growing. Long down winds are also very common and appreciated. The small wing sail, easy to carry and to transfer on the sea, has been taken up once more.

The wing gives you more freedom of movement compared to the windsurfer; it allows you to get out on the water and go back ashore in a much easier way than the kite, and the power developed from the wind as opposed to the arms cannot be compared to the windsurfer nor to the sup.

The first Wing Foil National Championship, the Wing Foil Tour, started in 2020 and reached Lake Garda and Malcesine for the second stage after Cecina Mare. In 2021 we will have two stages of the National Championship and one international stage in Malcesine, during the Foiling Week.

Welcome wing, we were waiting for you.

Ora and Pelér: the main winds of Lake Garda

The Pelér is the strongest wind, it blows from north to south, it starts at dawn and blows until mid-morning, it increases heading south.

The Ora replaces the Pelér late in the morning or early in the afternoon and lasts till the evening. With its medium-light intensity, it is a most stable wind that increases heading north.

If you like to know more, in this article we tell you everything about the winds of Lake Garda.

Wing foil spots on Lake Garda

Every beach of northern Lake Garda is suitable for the wing foil.

Unlike the kite, that only has two beaches to get out in the water independently, the wing can be practiced in any beach, just like the windsurfer.

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The wing sails have a better range compared to the windsurf ones. It means that with just two sails you can cover all the wind conditions of Lake Garda.

Spots for the north wind

The Pelèr, the wind that blows from north to south, increases its intensity heading south. The more it stretches, the more the gust decreases, the wave is better shaped and it is more fun for surfing or for long distance downwind.

  • Retelino (Parking lot or Park)
    On the eastern side of Lake Garda, 1km north of Malcesine. In this spot there is a spacious parking lot with a comfortable meadow to mount the equipment. The spot is well known among windsurfers (speed and freestyle) and kiters.

  • Beach of Assenza
    On the eastern side of Lake Garda, in the village of Assenza di Brenzone sul Garda. This is the first beach heading north, facing the small island of Trimelone.

  • Castelletto or Crero
    On the eastern side of Lake Garda, this is the most southern village of Brenzone sul Garda. The southern part of the village is the best place to get out in the water, just before the village of Pai or 6km further south, in the beach of Crero. The real reef of Lake Garda ;-).

  • Prà
    The harbor of Tignale, aka “Prà della Fam” or the “Prà”, is the most renowned spot of the western side of the lake for the morning wind. Unlike the spots of the eastern side such as Malcesine, where the Pelèr starts to blow from early in the morning, at the Prà you need to wait until the sun shines in the sky.

  • Campione
    Campione is located on the western side of Lake Garda and it’s a very renowned spot for kitesurfing. It has a beach managed by the sport association Kite Campione.
    This spot too is at its best when the sun shines in the sky. In the morning the wind is stretched out and less gusty.

Spot for the south wind

The Ora, the wind that blows from south to north, increases its intensity heading north. Unlike the Pelèr, the Ora is a much regular and less gusty wind and the waves less formed.

  • Tunnel of Navene
    It is on the eastern side of Lake Garda, a few kilometers north of Malcesine, at the beach of the Kiteclub Malcesine.
    Here the Ora is constant during the clear days of spring and summer.

  • Torbole
    Torbole is the most northern village of the eastern side of Lake Garda. You get out in the water from Conca d’Oro or at the pier Paradiso. Thanks to its services (wide meadow, parking lot, bar) the Conca is very busy in summer. To find quieter conditions just go upwind to the south until the small tunnel, for a few hundred meters.

  • Campione
    Campione is located on the western side of Garda Lake and it’s a very renowned spot for kitesurfing and it has a beach managed by the sport association Kite Campione. You will find calm water and constant wind in the clear days.

  • Pier or Capo Reamol
    These are two very renowned spots among the windsurfers and are located on the western side between Limone and Riva del Garda.
    In this area of the lake, the Ora increases its intensity and the zone is very frequented by windsurfers and sail boats. The spots can be very crowded, especially during regattas.

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