All mountain/DH Trail | Malcesine - San Maggiore - Fiabi - Malcesine | Var1

We recommend this route to those who are quite fit uphill and who have good downhill technique.

For those who would prefer just to do the downhill, it's best to arrive at Fiabi by 4-wheel drive and set off from there.

Please click here to see a variante of this path.

The GPS coordinates are available for both and it's best to spend 5 minutes assessing these hikes before setting off. Both tracks can be reached following either set of instructions - it's only the initial uphill or final downhill that changes. At the moment of writing and during the winter, this path may be blocked by fallen trees which are easy to go around but may require you to change course or get off your bike.

Leaving from the bus station, go south along the Gardesana road and take the second road on the left (the Strada Panoramica)- an easy/medium climb on tarmacked road to the Panorama Hotel (about 3.5km). From here, on the right, starts a steeper smaller road which takes you up to Localita San Maggiore (about 1.3km) from where, at the level of the first houses, starts a rough track. There is a short piece of flat ground and a small descent before the uphill track which will take you to Localita Fiabi. 

The path is a mixture of rocks and concrete, fairly taxing with some quite steep parts especially the final piece.?It is about 1.5km from San Maggiore to Fiabi. For those not wanting to go up to the top, a little after the barrier on the right you will see a single track which will take you to Path 659 in a lovely up and downhill track through beautiful surroundings - there may be a few fallen trees which will slow you down but on a clear day there are stunnng views over Val di Sogno which are worth pausing for to take photos.

Once through the cutting you will start your descent on Path 659, at the start a mule track (watch out when it's wet!) which you follow down to signs indicating Malcesine.  Turning right you go along a narrow path under the trees full of switchbacks and corners, some big stones but definitely fun and fast even if it isn't very steep. 

About half way down the ride you come across some stone slabs that require attention espcially when wet. From here on,?the path becomes very stoney (stones get washed down here in the winter rains) and loose. 

When you get to the concrete path you will find yourself in Localita Colombere from where you return on the Panoramica to the Gardesana.


Malcesine - S. Maggiore - Fiabi - Malcesine


10 km


1 hr by car - 2.30/3 hrs by bike

Highest level:

580 mt


Medium to difficult

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