Shaka Bump and Jump 2009

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Photo © Angela Trawoeger
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The 19th and 20th of June, 2009, saw the Competition of the Year draw the best Italian and foreign windsurfers to Lake Garda for the third running of the Shaka Bump & Jump competition. As in every year, the Competition was organised by Mikel Slijk, owner of Shaka in Torbole. Everything was made possibile by the participation of the famous yellow speedobat "Speedy" which created the waves that the jumps and manouvres were performed off.

The first day saw little wind - 18 knots p.s. The competition finished with a prize giving - first place was shared by Federico La Croce and Mattia Pedrani, in second place Fabio Calo and in third place youngster Nicholas Slijk. There was also a special priaze awarded to the youngest competitor - 12 year old Cesare Smania who held his own amongst his elders.

The sponsors were: Naish, Cobian, Quicksilver, DC, Pizzeria Nuova Garda, Conca d'Oro Beach, Hotel Residence Torbole and Hotel Santoni.

Can't wait for 2010!