Shaka Bump and Jump 2008

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Photo © Angela Trawoeger
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It’s the most spectacular and exclusive invitation contest of the season!

Created and organized by Mike Slijk, together with Federico La Croce and Ruggero Davolio Marani “Burian”. Speedy, the legendary yellow speedboat full of spectators, photographers and jury, speeds across the waters of Lake Garda creating a wave on which approx. 40 windsurfers will be seeking to create and complete the most radical and spectacular maneuvers… forward loops, back loops, ponch, shaka, air flaka… these are just a few of the maneuvers which the competitors will be executing each time the boat goes by.You will see some of the best wave and freestyle sailors in Italy and two amazing international talents: Tine Slabe from Solvenia and the Fiat Freestyle Team rider, German Florian Jung.

The Second series of the Shaka Bump & Jump was won by Andrea Rosati followed by Federico La Croce and Mirko Braghieri. Among the Juniors, the winner was Marco Vinante followed by Filippo Bestetti and Pietro Albano. The prize for the Fiat Freestyle Best Trick was won by Simone Grezzi with an awesome perfectly carried out AirFlak. The Prize given to the Best Rookie went to Nicholas Slijk.

To close the event there was a super Beach Party at the Conca d’Oro: dinner, prize giving and an all-night party!

The jurors were: Andrea Pagan, Antonello Barletta, Flavio Canciani, Andrea Righi (Go Fast Skateboarding), Mauro Trainotti (team manager Nitro)