Adrenalina - Paragliding Acro & Fun Festival 2009

Race event

Written by Claudio Chiarani

Photo Angela Trawoeger All rights are reserved

Two members of the Malcesine Paragliding Club came first and third in the Precision Landing Adrenalina competition held on the 10th and 11th of October in Malcesine in the province of Verona. First placed Roberto La Fauci managed to land only 17cm from the target marked by the organisers on the landing area at “Morettine”, a kilometer away from the centre of Malcesine. Malcesine is a small but beautiful town on the Trentino border, which witnessed a wonderful day and a sky full of coloured sails on Sunday 11th October (no flying was possible on 10th October because of the bad weather). Giorgio Righi in third place landed 70cm from the target after his descent from Tratto Spino, the launching site for the paragliders taking part in this competition. In second place was Luca Tangarelli from Pistoia who enjoyed the sunny day and landed 60cm from the target after a superb flight.

Adrenalina 2009 passes into the history books to the satisfaction of its organisers, the local Paragliding club, who also managed to give a first taste of the thrill of Paragliding to the Regional Assessor for Tourism and Sport, Ruggero Pozzani, also a noted oarsman who recently rowed for the Bardolino club. Just after he landed, Ruggero said “It was a unique and fantastic experience and, here, I have experienced the bond between nature and paragliding. The flight from Monte Baldo was magnificent, and I will be working to ensure that the Province does all it can to help grow and sustain this sport in Malcesine”. These are words that the organisers will have heard with great satisfaction as they are working on a project (currently with the local town council) to build a European centre for Paraglidng Acrobatics with a permanent structure where theory can be taught.

As well as the Precision Landing competition, 25 fliers were also showing some of the most difficult acrobatic manouvres to be seen today, including the difficult “infinity tumbling” (a type of death roll) which was, a few years ago, considered impossible to do. However, thanks to events like Adrenalina, to its good location and landing area and to the good organization of the local Paragliding club, acrobatics like this are now brought to a large number of people.

Big crowds came to watch the show which was situated alongside the main road close to Malcesine. A big thanks must go to the local town council, to the Malcesine Piu Association and to the Cable Car Association of Monte Baldo who have all generously supported the Paragliding Club in their organising of 12 series of this event. The Competition was also filmed by a crew from SkySport which will be transmitted at the beginning of November as part of the extreme sports programme “Icarus”.


  1. La Fauci Roberto - 17 cm
  2. Tanganelli Luca - 60 cm
  3. Giorgio Righi - 70 cm
  4. Moreno Parmesan - 90 cm
  5. Persello Arduino - 188 cm
  6. Andreas Stauder - 208 cm
  7. Gigalotti Emilio - 310 cm
  8. Vittorio Galzanaro - 330 cm
  9. Monika Burger - 390 cm
  10. Rugo Marco - 505 cm