Shaka Bump and Jump 2010

Article Race

Photo © Angela Trawoeger
All rights are reserved

The 21st and 22nd of may, 2010, saw the most spectacular and exclusive invitation contest of the season!

Speedy, the legendary yellow speedboat full of spectators, photographers and jury, speeds across the waters of Lake Garda creating a wave on which approx. 40 windsurfers will be seeking to create and complete the most radical and spectacular maneuvers.


  1. Fabrizi Mattia
  2. Spadea Nicola
  3. Testa Varrucccio
  4. Bestetti Filippo
  5. Marzeddu Claudio
  6. Braghieri Mirko
  7. Soltisyal Phil
  8. Hartmann Tom
  9. Pompermaier
  10. Calò Fabio
  11. Pedrani Mattia
  12. Albano Pietro
  13. Todeschi
  14. Slijk Nicolas