Angela Trawoeger
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The face of Massone is immersed in green olive groves and is the best known and most used of these local climbs throughout the year. There are paths of every length, steepness and climbing grade. It is climbable all year round... even in heavy rain! It’s slopes are south-facing the base is always in the sun. This locality has a picnic area and toilet facilities. There maybe problems with parking at busy times, especially at weekends.

Type of cliff

from vertical to much less perpendicular

Type of climbs

walls with single pitch

Length of climb

from approx. 10-45 m

Getting there

5 minutes

Parking lot capacity

for 20-30 cars, also vans and campervans

Suggested rope lenght


Reliability of pitons and bolts, good-excellent

  • 2 climbs of grade 4
  • 8 climbs of grade 5
  • 13 climbs of grade 6A
  • 15 cilmbs of grade 6B
  • 13 climbs of grade 6C
  • 22 climbs of grade 7A
  • 22 climbs of grade 7B
  • 24 climbs of grade 7C
  • 10 climbs of grade 8A
  • 7 climbs of grade 8B
  • 2 climbs of grade 8C
  • 1 climb of grade 8C+/9A (Underground)



Rigged by

G. Groaz, D. Depretto, R. Larcher, R. Scherer, O. Celva and others

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