Malcesine - San Michele - San Maggiore - Malcesine

From the Bus station, go north and take the second road on your right (Via Monti). At the first fork in the road, keep left, and at the second keep right following Via Monti. At the third junction (after about 15 minutes) take the road heading uphill to the left – it is very steep but very short. When it has been raining heavily you are likely to find a stream running down the centre of this path. At end of this path turn left on the tarmac road towards the Madonna Dell’Accoglienza. When you get to the steps leading up to the Madonna, go right until you reach Loc. Paier.

At Loc. Paier keep right uphill and take the first path on the left until you reach the main road (Strada Panoramica). Go left for about 500m, take the path going right uphill for another 200m until you rejoin the tarmac road, turning left which takes you up to the Cable Car station at S. Michele.

Alternatively, you can turn right a few metres later to take the path up through the woods (as suggested on the GPS route). When you arrive at S. Michele go straight on up and follow signs to S. Maggiore. Here you follow a path through the woods which takes you past the small chapel of S.Michele and on to S. Maggiore.

Just before you arrive at S. Maggiore, turn right downhill and keep going until you reach the tarmac road. If you keep going straight on you will return to the Strada Panoramica and here you turn left and keep on going downhill. After the hairpin bends you fill find Via Monti again on your right which you take and follow down to Malcesine.

It’s a really varied walk, with a mixture of inclines and kinds of terrain. During the walk you can visit the Madonna dell’Accoglienza and the Chapel at S. Michele. For anyone not wishing to do the downhill walk, you can always take the Cable Car down from S. Michele.

The GPS track starts from the beginning of Via Monti.


Malcesine - San Michele - San Maggiore - Malcesine


8 km


2.30 hrs

Highest level

600 mt

Distance climbed

1570 mt



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