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Pàl Takàts, hungarian professional acrobatic pilot, world cup champion, inventor of the maneuvers "Esfera" and "Cork-Screw" and performer of the first Infinity Tumbling on a tandem paraglider tell us shortly who he is and the reason why Malcesine is unique in the world.

My name is Pál Takáts, I am a professional paraglider pilot from Hungary. I'm specialized in acrobatics flying and nowadays I am the Nr. 1 pilot in the World Ranking. First I came to Malcesine in 2006 and 2007 to participate in the Adrenalina acro competition. I was very impressed by the location. To learn and practice acrobatics flying safely it is very important to have big altitude over water. Flying out from the Monte Baldo the pilots arrive between 1100-1300 meter high above the Garda Lake. This is really super and except maybe another 1-2 known spots there are no similar flying sites like this.

For me it is important because I am always trying to push the limits of the sport and physics, trying to develop new acro maneuvers and of course this is sometimes risky. Thanks to the good infrastructure and the conditions for me Malcesine is the best place in the world to practice safe. And not only this but a lot more...I am also a climber, kite-surfer and BASE jumper. The area is just perfect for practicing all my beloved sports, everything at one place, this is awesome!

In April 2011 I spent here 3 weeks to train for the competitions, to offer special extreme tandem flights and to teach pilots how to fly acrobatics. I feel like I'm falling in love with this region and I already planned to come back in September for the whole month.

Pàl is the creator and administrator of the web site where you can follow the acrobatics paragliding news. Join him on facebook:

In the video: A crazy acro run with an extremely small (12,5m2) paraglider over Malcesine.

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