Red Bull Cliff Diving, the 5th event in Malcesine

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23 + 24 July 2011


Malcesine, Scaliger Castel


Angela Trawoeger
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After Rapa Nui, Yucatan, Athens and La Rochelle, Orlando, Gary and all the "Magic Dozen" athletes came to make their challenge here in Malcesine on Lake Garda.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving Series chose Italy for their 2011 chamionships as a backdrop to their international high diving competition, the most important of its type in the world.

The Italian part of this series had an exciting new venue for 2011: on 24th July, Malcesine hosted this event, for the first time rewarding spectators with an adrenalin packed day.

The particular features of Malcesine provided a spectacular natural Trampoline for this international event. In 2011 the new programme of the competition added an extra dose of tension. A new competition dynamic permits the athletes to decide who wins the title of Champion: after 3 dives the athletes are listed in order of marks and only the top 6 participate in the final round. This 2011 was already highly charged and it is true to say that only a very limited number of divers possess the right physical and psychological attributes to do this sport. When there is no room for error, with your body exposed to the forces of gravity without any protection, only those who can keep completely focussed and keep total control over their bodies can make the perfect dive.

This year the divers were under pressure not only to perform a more difficult dive with complex acrobatics but also from themselves and their own ambition to add a new dive to their personal programme.

An international Jury of five people, chaired by Claudio de Miro, jury chief and italian diving champion, judged each performance taking into consideration the take off, position in the air and the entry into the water. The athletes challenged themselves to award the precious ten points of a perfect dive.

15.000 spectators on sailboats, motor boats, windsurf boards, canoes and rubber boatson the water and on the beaches too came to watch the 5th event of the 2011 world series.

The judges said "This has been the best competition that we have seen this year. Many divers have given the best of themselves and their scores have reflected this, as never seen before.

Malcesine classification

  1. Gary Hunt | GBR | 459.90 pts
  2. Artem Silchenko | RUS | 449.35
  3. Michal Navratil | CZE | 413.35 pts
  4. Jonatan Paredes | MEX | 411.70 pts
  5. Alain Kohl | LUX | 394.10 pts
  6. Slava Polyeshchuk | UKR | 391.50 pts
  7. Kent De Mond | USA | 290.80 pts
  8. Gennadiy Kutsenko | UKR | 277.20 pts
  9. Cyrille Oumedjkane | FRA | 275.40 pts
  10. Steven LoBue | USA | 254.40 pts
  11. Sasha Kutsenko | UKR | 250.20 pts
  12. Hassan Mouti | FRA | 228.25 pts
  13. Jorge Ferzuli | MEX | 193.15 pts

General classification

  1. Gary Hunt | GBR | 89 pts
  2. Michal Navratil | CZE | 60 pts
  3. Artem Silchenko | RUS | 55 pts (DNS in stop 2)
  4. Slava Polyeshchuk | UKR | 53 pts
  5. Orlando Duque | COL | 40 pts (injured after stop 2)
  6. Cyrille Oumedjkane | FRA | 40 pts
  7. Alain Kohl | LUX | 34 pts
  8. Sasha Kutsenko | UKR | 29 pts
  9. Kent De Mond | USA | 22 pts
  10. Steven LoBue | USA | 21 pts (DNS in stop 4)
  11. Jorge Ferzuli | MEX | 20 pts
  12. Hassan Mouti | FRA | 14 pts (DNS in stop 4)

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