Photo shooting and interview with Alice Brunacci, 2x kitesurfing italian champion

Interview event

Angela Trawoeger
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HI Alice, can we talk a bit about yourself and how you started kitesurfing?

I'm Alice Brunacci and I come from Follonica, a small place with few residents in Tuscany. I started kiting in 2003, by the end of 2004 I had started reaching and jumping... from there it all took off, all the passion for this sport, the competing and all that that brings.

Where do you train and when did you start winning things?

Mainly, I train at home - I have the great good fortune to live at the seaside which is a great place for training... especially in the winter: I leave home and go straight to the beach. In the summer it's a bit more complicated becuase I work as an instructor in a kite school and the chances of going kiting for myself are much less. My first successes were in 2007 when I started competing and got 4 good results on the Italian circuit. I became Italian women's champion in both freestyle and racing.

Who are you sponsored by?

My sponsors are North Kiteboarding and Ion.

What's the Kiting scene like, especially for women?

Women's kiting is slowly growing - at the beginning there weren't many women kiting or competing but slowly women's participation in and influence on the sport are growing.

You are here today in Malcesine for a day of free teaching for women in kitesurfing, sponsored by Easy kite, 100-one lake Lab and North Kiteboarding. What do you think of kitesurfing here in Malcesine?

Malcesine has always held a special place in my heart from the first time I was here. It's a beautiful place... the mountains around you, the wind which is always present in the morning and afternoon, it's always possible to go out and have fun. Then this initiative grabbed my interest straight away, both because it's something I can do but also because of the women who want to participate... this really pleased me!

You've grown up at the sea - in Tuscany you train in the Mistral wind, here on the Lake we have the Peler, the King of our winds. What are the differences between kiting on the sea and here on the Lake?

Well, the Peler is a morning wind and we're not used to going out so early in the morning... I find it quite traumatic to get up at 6am and go in the water, cold water too. But once you are over the initial shock it's really beautiful. It's equal to our kiting in the Mistral.

Any suggestions for those using our site who want to start or improve their kiting here in Malcesine?

My advice is to go to schools, which are well set up for teaching kiting. Don't try to teach yourself but make use of a site like yours to find yourself a good school.

Thanks, Alice, for being here with us today - it's always a pleasure.

Thanks to you too and thanks for your hospitality today.

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