Trekking route along Ventrar path, in Malcesine on Mount Baldo

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One of the most beautiful walks in this area that will bring you from Tratto Spino to the Ventrar path passing by Prai. The Ventrar route is a botanical treat and it known and valued amongst the most beautiful in Europe.

The walk itself is short and easy but you should be careful if following the Ventrar path (number 3) which is classified by the CAI as level EE (expert walker).

The tour is 5 km long and has a total positive difference in height of 500 m.

The Ventrar Path with a guide

Our mountain guide will tell you about the natural wonders that you will find along the path which deserve particular attention. You can book your Ventrar path excursion with a guide on the 360gardalife booking section.

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Route Tratto Spino - Ventrar path - Tratto Spino
Start Cable car station at the top of Monte Baldo
Destination Cable car station at the top of Monte Baldo
Starting height 1760 m
Maximum height 1780 m
Altitude - ascent/descent 514 m/506 m
Length 4,88 km
Time 2 hrs
Difficulty middle to easy
Technical difficulty (1 to 5) 3
Physical training (1 to 5) 2
CAI (italian alpine club) difficulty scale EE: expert walker*
* Mountain signs on Monte Baldo and difficulty scale
Scenic appeal (1 to 5)
Impression 5
Landscape 5


  • Round tour
  • Cable car ascent/descent
  • Panoramic route
  • Insider tip

Best time of year

From may to november, without snow

Points of interest along this hiking trail

The Ventrar path is about a kilometre long and meets the north cliffs of the Colma di Malcesine which bring you to the eastern slopes of Monte Baldo. The path is rocky and spectacular with fabulous views over the Alto Garda region.

Ventrar path description

The path starts at the top station of the CableCar. Set off towards the north and just after the Funivia building take the first uphill on the left.

You will already be getting an idea of the beautiful views that await you over Garda!

the beautiful views that await you over Garda

Keep on going North, go under the ski lift wires at ‘Paperino’ and then look carefully for the start of the path which is marked with red and white lines on a rock. The path heads off under the paragliding take-off area.

The track is narrow but not difficult, approx. 2 km long, mainly going downhill and it takes you to the meeting point with the Ventrar path. Here you turn right and enjoy the view!

Leaving the Ventrar path you can return to where you started from following the road on your left or otherwise by going up the path that you find in front of you. The path is fairly steep but short and brings you to Colma di Malcesine where you can walk along the plateau back to where you started from. If you aren’t too tired, we recommend the path which is a little more challenging but brings you to the Colma di Malcesine and offers much better views than you have from the road.


This walk can be done the other way round.

Our suggestions

  • To avoid the cable car queue during the high season you can go by car to the half-way cable car station in San Michele
  • Don't do it by bike, you will have to carry your bike on your back over various sections and this can be dangerous

The Ventrar path during the winter

The Ventrar path is closed as it is not passable in the snow.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail

  • Ristorante Bar Cime del Baldo:
    At the start of this route in the cable car station
    Tel. +39 045 6584283
  • Rifugio Bocca di Navene:
    10 minutes walks from the end of the Ventrar path, (walking north downhill to Monte Altissimo).
    Tel. +39 045 7401794
  • Bar Ristorante La Capannina:
    At the end of this walk, at "Colma di Malcesine"
    Tel. +39 045 657 00 81 - Cel. +39 333 371 03 58
  • Ristorante Bar Baita dei Forti:
    10 metres from the cable car Station Tel. +39 045 7400319

How to reach the starting point of the trail

The path starts at the top station of the cable car. Click here to see rates, timetables and opening times.
Tel. +39 045 7400206


  • In Malcesine
  • In Malcesine, at the cable car station
  • In San Michele, at the cable car middle station

Public transport


Safety information

  • Along sections of the walk there are steel wires to hold on to which aren’t always necessary: be careful and always check the hand holds before using them.
  • Take care when on the exposed parts of the path.
  • Take extra care if walking when the path is wet.
  • It is recommended not to choose this excursion in winter time, even in absence of snow during colder months: the path is north-facing and sunbeams never reach this area in winter.
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