The Belvedere Cliff – Climbing at Arco

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Angela Trawoeger e Giampaolo Calzà (Trota)
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Bilder 1,2,6,10: Giampaolo Calzà (Trota)

Location: Nago (near Arco), north Lake Garda

The name itself (Belvedere in italian means ‘Beautiful to see’) tells you what you will find when you climb this wonderful cliff.
It has two sections, Sector A is the lower section with short, easy routes, while Sector B is higher up the cliff with longer, steeper routes which require good upper arm strength and technique.

The Belvedere Cliff is white limestone rock with 48 climbing routes with good ironwork (fix and resin).

For several years there has been a new access route, quite long but much safer and with a big carpark.
You are now not allowed to park in the old Belvedere carpark on the Arco/Nago road.
When you get to the Nago roundabout, leave your car in the carpark here.
From here there is a path which will take you to Sector B of the Belvedere Cliff and then downhill to Sector A.

Technical report

  • Type of faces: white limestone, compact with holes and boulders
  • Type of climbs: single-pitch, faces with longer routes
  • Type of climbing: very steep, vertical and leaning - Intuitive climbing
  • How long to get here: 10 minutes
  • Parking: newly made at the Nago roundabout, spacious and free
  • Facing: South-west
  • Length of climbing ropes recommended: 60m
  • Quality of ironwork: good
  • Climbs: 48 routes from 3C to 7BC
    Sector A: 20 routes of 8 to 12m, from 3B to 6A
    Sector b: 28 routes of 10 to 24m, from 4B to 7BC
  • Height: 263m
  • Fitted out by: L. Colo’, M. Grasso, Giampaolo Calza’ (Trota)

How to get there

The Cliff is at Nago (near Arco).
From Arco, follow signs to Nago Torbole, going right at the bridge over the Sarca on road no. SS240.
From Torbole, take the road up the hill following signs to Nago Torbole.

Since 2015, it is no longer allowed to park along the Nago/Arco road at the Belvedere carpark.
You now have to access the climb from above by the path leading from the spacious car park on the roundabout at Nago.

Our recommendations

  • This cliff gets very crowded and hot in the summer. It is at its best in winter, spring and autumn.
  • We do not recommend climbing here on very windy days or when it is raining.
  • Some of the Sector A routes are a bit slippery but nonetheless climbable and not otherwise difficult.

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