Stand up Puddling at Wwwind Square Malcesine

No matter what you decide one thing we can guarantee, SUP is a new trend which will grab you too.
Totally relaxed sliding across the lake on a SUP, paddle in hand, happily gazing into the distance.
Stand Up Paddle is a fun leisure trend that conquered the lake several years ago.

Since 2008 watersport center WWWIND SQUARE has been offering the new SUP Fitness Sport at Malcesine.

Anyone can surf across the water in no time, Stand-up Paddle is the best mix of relaxation & fitness. With the latest - inflatable or hard boards - and our professional instruction, we near guarantee you paddle fun on the water! In addition to the SUP taster sessions we also offer Island Tours, Sun Downers and Lake Crossings.

Be Aware though: it is Addictive!

The right board volume, depending on body weight and length, in combination with the new super lightweight carbon fiber paddles are the key to maximum fun with this outdoor fitness machine.

SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is a water sport that is spreading rapidly throughout the world. It is a fun sport that has numerous applications depending on where it is practiced and personal level of experience.

SUP e Fitness

SUP is, to all intents and purposes, considered a physical sport, that can be compared to other‚ fitness‚ sports. The physical effort involves every part of the body and therefore represents a total workout. Using the paddle correctly strengthens all muscle groups and, working under the anaerobic threshold, is an excellent way to fat!

SUP Cruising

One of the most enjoyable SUP activities is free paddling on a lagoon type water areas, or any flat water area, observing the wildlife and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Larger and more stable boards are advisable when cruising in order to make the excursion a more enjoyable experience.

SUP Racing

Racing is divided into several categories of sport, both long- and short-distance, giving athletes the opportunity to compete on set courses. The boards used for racing are either 12.6 or 14 long (for heavier athletes) and are tapering in line and shape to give greater stability.

Wave SUP

One of the most exhilarating ways of practicing SUP is wave-riding. Given the board‚ dimensions, it is easy to surf even small waves. This, in a way, allows the athlete to even in typical Mediterranean conditions although SUP is even more fun with waves over 1m high!

Down winder

Here SUP shows us clearly its ancient origins, when the Polynesians used long boards with an oar to get from one island to another, using waves and wind to help them. Paddling ‚down wind, properly handled, can prove to be a truly significant, remarkable, meaningful experience!

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