Nordic walking route along the beaches and the lower hills of Malcesine

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Route: Malcesine, Val di Sogno, Malcesine, Campagnola, Malcesine

This walk is about 12 km long and goes along the beaches around Malcesine and over the lower hills that surround Malcesine.

It goes over long flat areas with some short ascents and easy descents. It is suitable for everyone as 90% of it is tarmac.

Points of interest along this hiking trail

It is a very nice and easy walk with nice views on Lake Garda.

Route description

Leaving from central Malcesine, you head south along the Lungolago going towards the tranquil and beautiful Val di Sogno.

From here you go uphill for about a kilometre going across Dos del Pis. As you are about to cross the mountain saddle, turn your gaze towards the south and, after a short while, carrying on along the track you will find the whole of Malcesine before you, Monte Baldo and the north end of Lake Garda – views not to be missed.

From here you get to the Panoramica road and here you head off downhill to the left towards Malcesine, getting back to the Navene Vecchia road before long.

Straight after the Cable car station, turn left and go through some olive groves on a rough track. Go on for a few metres on the rough uphill on your right which brings you out onto a small pedestrian track which winds gently down through more olive groves heading north.

You will arrive in the hamlet of Campagnola within 1.5km and from here get onto the cycle path that runs along the lakeside, in a southern direction. After 3km you will have returned to your starting point in Malcesine.


You can easily do this trail in the other direction.

How to reach the starting point of the walk

Malcesine centre

The walk during the winter

Because it is at low level, you can walk this path all year round.

Our suggestions

This route is also suitable for runners and walkers.

Map and gps track

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  • Route: Malcesine, Val di Sogno, Malcesine, Campagnola, Malcesine
  • Length: 11,60 km
  • Altitude - ascent/descent: 640 m / 620 m
  • Maximum height: 440 m
  • Time: ca 2 hrs
  • Difficulty: easy