Enduro/freeride bike route on Nago's Monte Altissimo at Lake Garda

Trail MTB Difficult Freeride Enduro Malcesine

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Difficult bike trail on Monte Baldo and path 601

A hard route suitable for All Mountain or Enduro bikes, 27 km long with 700m uphill and 2000m downhill. It presents a variety of different terrain, from technical rock gardens to fast single trail and it's considered a must for every advanced mtb rider.

It is the most beautiful ride you can find along Lake Garda: where else can you find 2000m downhill from Monte Baldo?

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Here you have all info and available dates for the enduro bike route on Monte Altissimo and path 601.


Route Tratto Spino - Bocca di Navene - Bocca del Creer - Monte Altissimo - Prati di Nago - Dosso dei Roveri - Dos Spirano - Navene - Malcesine
Start Tratto Spino
Destination Malcesine
Starting height 1760m
Maximum height 2079m
Altitude - ascent/descent 725m/2310m
Length 27 km
Time 5 hrs
Difficulty Difficult
Technical difficulty (1 to 5) 5
Physical training (1 to 5) 5
Scenic appeal (1 to 5)
Impression 4
Landscape 5


  • Tour route
  • Summit tour
  • Cable car ascent/descent
  • Panoramic route
  • Insider tip

Best time of year

From may to november, without snow

Points of interest along this bike trail

This is a very complete tour with demanding ascents and long descents leading you from the 2079m of Monte Altissimo to the shores of Lake Garda. Once you reach the top of Altissimo, take a pause at Damiano Chiesa Refuge and visit the First World War trenches, never forgetting the amazing views which will accompany you along the whole route.

Monte Alissimo bike tour description

Starting from top station of the cable car, turn left following the signs for Monte Altissimo along trail 651 which runs over an easy gravel road to Bocca Navene where the tarmac road starts for the next "not too steep" 3 km leading you to Graziani Refuge (Bocca del Creer).

From now things become a bit more difficult. Follow the dirt path that starts behind the Refuge and take a left at the first crossroads, following the road that goes up to Monte Altissimo on trail 633. You can pedal all the time but sometimes it’s not that easy due to irregularity of the road surface. Going can be fairly strenuous and technical!

Get rested and prepared for the descent. Starting right in front of the Refuge and turning left passing below the little church, trail 601 is waiting for you.

Steep and very challenging it requires a superb technique on dislodged rocks with some very difficult moves. It sometimes flattens out to give you a little rest (but doesn’t stay that way for long!).

Approaching Monte Varagna a small crossroad appears letting you choose either going down on a fairly easy gravel road or keep pushing your limits on trail 601 (which cuts across the gravel road many times) 'til you reach a small parking lot. Keep going downhill using every shortcut of trail 601 until Prati di Nago has been reached. Follow the tarmac road for a little time and, next to a small church, another crossroad awaits you and from there you can take the road on the left side, following the indications for Dosso dei Roveri (trail number 6).

After some short up'n’down you will find a barrier to step over: then keep going to a big crossroad where you have to go left and start a nice single track in the wood, always on trail 6, to Dosso dei Roveri. Here it becomes rougher with some panoramic but exposed points. So be careful!

Follow the trail until you reach a nice downhill white road, full of turns, that will lead you to the small hamlet of Navene. From there you can reach Malcesine by simply heading south, pedalling along the cycle path.

The last stretch is located in the Riserva Naturale Integrale Gardesana Orientale which means you are not allowed to ride in it, you could get fined by the forrest police.

You will arrive home tired but happy!


This route can not be done the other way round

Our suggestions

  • Always bring some water to drink. There is no way to find some once you leave Damiano Chiesa Refuge, at the beginning of the descent
  • Once you reach Monte Altissimo, first to stop at Damiano Chiesa Refuge, and follow the path on left side which goes behind the Refuge. You will have a beautiful view of Garda Lake from the highest point from 2079m
  • Try to catch the first 2 cable cars in the morning as they are less crowded
  • The ascent is exposed to the sun all the time, so it is better doing it in the morning. Even if it is 1500m high during summer it gets very hot anyway
  • Always bring a jacket with you as the weather can change very rapidly
  • Try one of the tasty and typical grappas served in Damiano Chiesa Refuge. There are plenty of them and they will help you release the brakes during your downhill :-) But just one!

The tour during the winter

You can’t take bicycles to the top as the service stops during winter.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail

  • Ristorante Bar Cime del Baldo:
    At the cable car station Tel. +39 045 6584283
  • Rifugio Bocca di Navene:
    At Bocca di Navene
    Tel. +39 045 7401794
  • Rifugio G.Graziani:
    At the foot of Mount Altissimo
    Tel. +39 0464 867005
  • Rifugio D.Chiesa:
    On the top of Monte Altissimo Tel. +39 335 639 5415

How to reach the starting point of the trail

Cable car Malcesine Monte Baldo
The trips from San Michele (the half way station of the cable car) up to Monte Baldo start in Spring to coincide with the opening of Road no.8 up Baldo, and this all depends on when the snow melts.
Here to see rates, timetables and opening times.
Tel. +39 045 7400206


  • In Malcesine
  • In Malcesine, at the cable car station
  • In San Michele, at the cable car middle station

Public transport


Safety information

  • Under rain or with wet conditions route 601 becomes very slippery, and it is better to avoid it! (unless you are Steve Peat)
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