Ski mountaineering route to Monte Altissimo of Nago

Trail Medium BS

Courtesy: Giampaolo Calzà
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Gps Track

Route: Monte Baldo-Tratto Spino - Bocca di Navene - Bocca del Creer - Monte Altissimo di Nago

This tour is not too challenging: difficulty BS, guiding you from Tratto Spino to the peak of Nago's Monte Altissimo passing through Bocca Navene. Before leaving for the tour, make sure to check the weather forecast and take informations on snow conditions and avalanche bulletin.

Points of interest along the track

On Monte Altissimo you will find Refuge Damiano Chiesa, held by Danny Zampiccoli, an extremely nice person, deeply in love with the mountain.

During winter it is open only during weekends when the weather is good.It would be better to make a phone call before leaving! The refuge is a winter bivouac.

I don't want to appear boring keeping on telling the same thing, but over there you feel really good and the landscape is magnificent. You know when you feel in the right place and don't want to be anywhere else? That's what I'm talking about.

Contacts of Refuge Altissimo

Tour description


It starts from Tratto Spino, at the top station of the cable car and heading down on the right, very carefully. Cross over the ski field and the ski lift, keep on going down along the road for Bocca Navene. Here is where you can prepare for the ascent, putting the skins on your skis. Follow the main road to Refuge Graziani and go up on the left along the slope behind the refuge for about 450mt. When it flattens you may see the refuge on the right and just behind the refuge, the top. An iron pole located at 2079 meters of height tells you that you have just reached the summit.


It goes down on the same route you used for the ascent and once you are in Bocca Navene put the skins on the skis again to go back to the cable car.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail

  • Ristorante Bar Cime del Baldo:
    At the start to the cable car station. Tel. +39 045 6584283
  • Rifugio G.Graziani:
    At the feet of Monte Altissimo Tel. +39 0464 867005

How to reach the starting point of the trail

From Malcesine using the cable car

Our suggestions

  • Pay attention to the small valley located 50mt before Refuge Graziani due to small avalance hazard.
  • Take care not to miss the last cable car going down... remember that from Bocca Navene to cable car station there are still 350mt of height difference and 3km to cover.
  • Follow the Facebook page of the refuge Altissimo, always up to date.

Map and gps track

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  • Length: 5,6 km
  • Difficulty: BS
  • Altitude - ascent/descent: 1038 mt/1040 mt
  • Height start: 1760 mt
  • Pike Height: 2079 mt
  • Time: 5 hrs
  • Exposition: SE
  • Material: avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe

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