Ski mountaineering route to Punta Telegrafo

Trail Medium Difficult Brenzone sul Garda BS

Courtesy: Davide Fambri
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Gps Track

Route: Trail 654 - Val delle Pree - Refuge Telegrafo G. Barana - Punta Telegrafo

A challenging route, quite difficult (difficulty BS), leading you from Prada Alta to the summit at an altitude of 2200 meters.

Before you leave, make sure to check the weather forecast and avalanche bulletin to find out informations on snow conditions.

Points of interest along the route

A beautiful route with nice views on the lake is waiting for you, in an isolate environment of high mountain into the cirque of Telegrafo. It should be done at least once. At the refuge there’s a winter bivouac with six beds and blankets.

Tour description


Walk along the tarmac road, slightly downhill from the parking lot of Prada Alta. Go beyond Val Trovai to the beginning of trail 654, on the right, with indications for Telegrafo and follow it until you end up on a forestal road.
Turn left and go along the forestal road, ascending on hairpins and crossing a big open space. Still some meters to walk and than turn right leaving the forestal road for the trail 654 again.

Go up until you reach a slab in the center of the valley where some alluvial fans to pass through are generally present. Keep going up on your left and cut right under the rock where you can find the summer trail.

You are now in Val delle Pree. Ascend it in the middle up to 1750 mt of altitude where the rocky wall on the left ends. Now climb up on a steep slope (rampants or crampons may be needed) to end up in Val Malmor under Refuge Telegrafo. Go along the valley and turn diagonally right until the steep blade which leads you to refuge Telegrafo.

Go past the refuge and turn left along the crest to reach the summit cross of Punta Telegrafo at 2200 mt of altitude.


Same as the ascent

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail

Refuge G.Barana: - invernal bivouac:
six beds and blankets

How to reach the starting point of the trail

Reach the parking lot Baito Scale at Prada Alta pass at 1154 mt of height by car.

Our suggestions

  • In safe snow conditions you can put the skins on your ski and ski over others slopes.
  • If the snow quote is high it would be better to bring your shoes for the stretch in the wood
  • Beautiful skiing on firn even late in the season

Map and gps track

Click hereto download GPS coordinates

  • Lenght: 10,93 km
  • Difficulty: BS
  • Height difference - ascent/descent: 1132 mt/1132 mt
  • Starting quote: 1120 mt
  • Pike height: 2200 mt
  • Time: 5 hours
  • Exposition: W SW
  • **Material: avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and crampons

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