The hills of Malcesine by bike

Trail Cross country Easy Malcesine

Angela Trawoeger
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Gps Track

A short and easy track between Malcesine's hills suitable for everyone who's got basic training.


Route Malcesine - Via Panoramica - Rocchetta - Paier - Via Panoramica - Vacco - Campagnola - Malcesine
Start Malcesine
Destination Malcesine
Starting height 90m
Maximum height 336m
Altitude - ascent/descent 421m/402m
Length 7,6 km
Time 1,5 hrs
Difficulty easy
Technical difficulty (1 to 5) 1
Physical training (1 to 5) 2
Scenic appeal (1 to 5)
Impression 3
Landscape 4


  • Round tour
  • Suitable for families and children
  • Panoramic route

Best time of year

All year round, without snow

Points of interest along this bike trail

The panoramic views and the magnificent view over Malcesine you have once you reach the terrace of "Madonna dell'Accoglienza".

Tour description

From the center of Malcesine head south and after Hotel Ideal (on your left) go uphill on the tarmac road on the left, the Panoramica road. There will be 4 km of not too tiring or steep ascent.

After the hairpins, between Hotel Panorama and Hotel Val di Monte, follow indications on the left for Rocchetta/Madonnina.

A short flat section before a very steep and short ascent is what leads you to the steps where you should leave your bikes to reach the terrace of Madonnina. It is really worth it!


Back in the saddle head right along a short path which leads you to Località Paier, and the last tarmac uphill on the right takes you back to the Panoramica road.

On your left the descent starts bringing you back to Malcesine, through Campagnola. After 700m, on the right, a very steep ascent indicating Fubia appears: don't take it but look beyond it, on the left, for the shortcut indicating Malcesine.

First on tarmac then on muletrack it leads to the Navene Vecchia road, next to Ristorante il Cervo. Next take a right, on a flat tarmac short section of road, and just before Hotel Majestic, where the descent starts, take a shortcut tarmac path on your left which goes smoothly down to Campagnola, surrounded by olive trees.

Now you are back on the Navene Vecchia road. Go ahead downhill and take the first road on the left to reach the Gardesana road just next to the beach. After about 3km pedalling along the cycle lane you will be back in Malcesine.



Our suggestions

  • If you are a beginner or not too confident about cycling on muletracks, you can stay on the tarmac and keep on going along the Panoramica road which joins with Navene Vecchia shortly next to the Hotel Majestic. To find the shortcut we spoke about before, you have to turn left and immediately right on the descent next to the Hotel Majestic. The most difficult parts are on the descent from Madonnina/Rocchetta to Paier, but, given that they are very short, you can easily avoid them by getting off your bike.
  • During the hottest months leave early in the morning and do not forget yor swimsuit. From Campagnola to Malcesine you can enjoy a dive in the lake!

The tour during the winter

It is possible to be done even during winter.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail


How to reach the starting point of the trail

The path starts in Malcesine.


Here you have the list of the parking lots located in the center of Malcesine.

Public transport

Here all info to come to Malcesine by bus.

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