Valle dei Molini


Angela Trawoeger e Giampaolo Calzà (Trota)
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Map (italian)

"Valle dei Molini" is found near Cassone to the south of Malcesine.

It is perfect in the summer because the sun never reaches the valley.

You climb inside a canyon which has its own microclimate.The rock face is very worn by the effect of water infiltration which has shaped holes and canals. The rock is limestone and the faces are fairly steep. The climb is rarely crowded and is a very tranquil spot. YOu should only make this climb in good weather. You can get here in 20 minutes.

+The climbs have recently been cleaned and the ironwork redone by the Ma.Rock Association. Some routes have been lengthened and the climbing grades upped. Due to the Association's work, the quality of the climbs and their maintenance has greatly improved.*

Coming to Cassone from Malcesine, park at the tennis courts and take the road going uphill on the left and, at the "climbing area" notice, turn left into the canyon below the path and walk up through it for 8 to 10 minutes. The 10 climbs are on your left.

Available the map to download.

Type of cliff

slightly vertical

Type of climbs

single pitch, 'resistance' climbs over canals and holes

Length of climbs

15-20 m

Getting there

15 minutes

Suggested rope lenght


Reliability of pitons and bolts

very good
from 5C to 7A
Look the map in download

Rigged by

Climb Association Ma.Rock

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