The Corno di Bo Cliff

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Angela Trawoeger e Giampaolo Calzà (Trota)
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Location: 2km from Torbole on Lake Garda

The sheer face of Corno di Bo’is a typical one, 150m high, situated over the Gardesana road between Torbole and Malcesine. There are 7 climbs that are longer and single-pitch, of 4c and 5b grades. The routes are well fitted and are suggested as good training for going onto the longer climbs.

You can climb here year-round. The faces are west facing and in the sun. They are virtually empty during the week but can get very busy at weekends.

The views are wonderful and you can see the whole of Lake Garda from north to south whilst climbing.

Technical report

  • Type of faces: plate
  • Type of climbs: single-pitch and multi-pitch
  • Type of climbing: feet on plates, inclined faces using hands more for balance
  • How long to get here: 5 minutes
  • Parking: 5 cars only
  • Facing: west
  • Length of climbing ropes recommended: 60m
  • Quality of ironwork: excellent, resin coated rings
  • Climbs: 7 routes from 4b – 5c – click here to download details
  • Height: 60m.a.s.l.
  • Fitted out by: D. Depretto, C. Mattei

How to get there

Coordinates 45° 50.937 N / 010° 51.816 E The Face is 2km south of Torbole sul Garda. Access, coming from Torbole, is on the right before the tunnel.

Our recommendations

  • Climb is in full sunshine, on windy days you won’t find it too hot
  • In the summer, don’t forget to bring the swimsuit
  • The car park is really small so come by bike or scooter if you can

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