Our commitment to people and the Planet, in practice

A sustainable path, every day

We are friends, passionate about outdoor sports, and in love with Lake Garda. We have created the 360gardalife portal to share authentic information about sports at home. 360gardalife is getting involved, moving in the midst of nature and with nature, learning to know, respect, and preserve it. 360gardalife is a way of life.

We wrote the 360Gardalife Manifesto

manifesto parapendio

We wrote a Manifesto, and it was beautiful to have given shape to our values. 

We believe in the beauty of nature and live in harmony with its elements because the natural environment must be experienced with humility and awareness. Sport between lake and mountain is discovery and exploration, both of the places we visit and they reflect ourselves on a deep level.

Sports are also part of culture, and we move in the natural environment with respect. After all, aren’t we talking about our real home? We strive to spread awareness and raise awareness for a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the Planet.

For us, experience and shared moments count, not competition with one another nor a consumerist or conquering approach to nature.

We believe in good examples and small gestures because we can achieve unity.

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We organise an ecological day

360 Path Cleanup

We organise 360 Path Cleanup, an ecological day signed by 360gardalife to clean up Lake Garda’s beaches and paths.

Every year, we choose one of the paths published on this site or its access. In the afternoon, we practice yoga to slow down, breathe together, and reconnect with nature—to take a moment of freedom for the environment and ourselves.

We do this because a small gesture can make a difference. If we feel overwhelmed on our own in the face of global challenges such as the climate crisis, imagine what we can do together if we unite in shared initiatives to preserve our Planet.

That way, we move the world like the waves of the sea. Because if the ocean is made of drops, humanity is made of people. And you are one of them.

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We donate

We are part of 1% for the Planet, an alliance of companies that pledge to donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental organisations. Every donation is certified. The alliance is based on the idea that a company is responsible for giving back something for the resources it takes from the Planet.

We reforest

For years, we have been planting new trees to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, and we are aware that our activities impact on the environment cannot be cancelled out.

We do this with zeroCO2, a certified B Corp Benefit Society that develops natural solutions to tackle climate change, protect ecosystems, and support rural communities through reforestation. We aim to achieve overall environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 

This commitment also absorbs the greenhouse gases emitted by using this website and contributes to the impact generated while you read us and when you come to Garda, thanks to 360gardalife.

We raise awareness

tramonto 1

Raising awareness is a powerful tool for spreading ideas and good practices. For this reason, we support local associations and initiatives that fight for environmental protection, write about ecology, sustainability, culture, and respect for the territory, and aim to accompany as many people as possible to a conscious enjoyment of Lake Garda. 

We are members of Plastic Free, a voluntary association founded in 2019 to inform and make as many people as possible aware of the dangers of plastic pollution. To this end, we combine ecological days with school education and collaboration with local administrations.

We promote an approach to outdoor sport that values and cares for the environment rather than exploiting it. We know how good it feels to live in those places; preserving them is the least we can do.

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We do our best every day

Vista sul Garda da Punta Larici

We do our best to give back to the Planet at least a little of what it gives us. That is why we participate in ecological days, practise spontaneous cleanups and always carry gloves and a bag in our rucksack to collect the rubbish we find.

Every day, when we are in the mountains or at the lake, we try not to leave any trace of our passage. We move around, sharing the journey by car – if public transport is impossible – and use drinking fountains to fetch the water we need; a water bottle is enough. We avoid disposable plastic and buy only a few products and equipment. We reduce excess and look for materials that last.

Commitment to sustainability is a personal journey of growth and awareness. Over time, it becomes instinctive to adopt increasingly correct behaviour that leads us to a harmonious – and rewarding – coexistence between people and nature.

We can and must play our part in seeking this balance as far as we can and according to our means. Our well-being and that of the Planet depend on it.

We thank you

By visiting 360gardalife and booking your outdoor activities at Lake Garda with us, you help us spread awareness and reduce our environmental footprint.

Thank you for doing your part together.