Rifugio Altissimo D.Chiesa

Brief Presentation

Monte Altissimo at Nago (2079m) is part of the Gardesana Prealps and in particular of the Monte Baldo Range.
The Damiano Chiesa Refuge, built just under the apex of Monte Altissimo, in the wonderful Baldo Natural Reserve, was opened by SAT in 1892.
Since 2017 it has been run with great enthusiasm by Eleonora Orlandi. You can get here either, in the summer, by using the various paths of varying difficulty, by foot or mountain bike, or in the winter when keen skiers can get here on a fresh snowfall over the ridges.

What do we offer?

Your host will really try to make you feel at home.
On arrival at the Refuge, after a splendid walk with breathtaking views, you will be able to really enjoy some local Trentino dishes... all cooked with love!

Some tasty alto Adige Speck, tripe in broth, spaghetti with a wonderfully rich sauce of tomatoes, cream, sausages and mushrooms known as “Alla Ruganta” and the unforgettable canederli dumplings in broth or with melted butter.   Traditional polenta made with local Storo flour and cooked over a wood burning stove in a classic copper pan will accompany our second courses: melted cheeses, goulasch, rabbit, pork chops, lucanica sausage, mushrooms and cabbage or why not the local speciality of marinated flash fried beef with beans. 

All our puddings are homemade: our cake is the Sbrisolona, a pudding made with sweet shortcrust pastry and filled with ricotta, amaretti biscuits and coffee. Don’t miss out on the Apple Strudel!   And to round things off, you should try some of our numerous delicious grappas.

When are we open?

The Refuge is open every day from May to October (inclusive). From November to April, we are open at weekends and when the weather is good.

For further information about opening times, please ring +39 391 3839019.

What is our refuge like?

The building offers 36 beds in 6 rooms and another 10 beds in another room that becomes the Refuge bivouac in the winter. You should book ahead during the summer period and for winter weekends. You can book by ringing +39 391 3839019.

How to get there