Mountain hut Gaetano Barana

  • Mountain cuisine
  • Local products
  • 48 beds

The highest mountain hut on Mount Baldo

Just a few words

Rifugio Telegrafo is the highest mountain hut on Mount Baldo, almost on top of the third summit (Cima Telegrafo 2200m asl) of the long mountain chain running beside Lake Garda on its Eastern side.

There since September 26th 1896, Rifugio Telegrafo belongs to the Italian Alpine Club and it’s a place you must visit, especially if you want to hike along the Mount Baldo Haute Route or if you aim to climb the the highest hut for a daily trip: so many are the paths leading to Rifugio Telegrafo, both from the Eastern side and from the Western one; more difficult, but with constant stunning views over Lake Garda.

Since 2013, equipENatura, an outdoor professional guiding company, is also managing the hut.
All the equipENatura guides are waiting for you at the hut or ready to guide you allover Lake Garda and Mount Baldo.

What to find at Rifugio Telegrafo

All the classics of a high mountain hut: smiles, the stove on, good traditional food!? Come and enjoy our company, the astonishing views over Lake Garda, Prealps, Central Alps, Brenta Dolomites, the colourful sunsets, the starry nights…


Rifugio Telegrafo is open daily in Summer, for sure from the second Sunday of June, to the third one of September. Open just in the weekend from April 25th and in October, November just on Sundays always only if the weather is good: please contact us via mail before visiting us and check which are the suggested routes to climb up on:

Number of beds and prices

48 beds (4 rooms with 8 beds, 1 room with 16).
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How to reach the hut