Easy route from San Zeno di Montagna to Pai, at Lake Garda.

Trail Middle to easy San Zeno di Montagna

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A nice loop tour starting from San Zeno di Montagna and descending to Pai, from trail number 37, and ascending back to San Zeno di Montagna from trail number 38.

Do it if you need to take a break for a few hours, walking in relaxing and fascinating places.


Route San Zeno, Villanova - Pai - San Zeno, Le Tese - San Zeno, Villanova
Start San Zeno
Destination San Zeno
Starting height 600m
Maximum height 600m
Altitude - ascent/descent 617m/621m
Length 8,3 km
Time 3 hrs
Difficulty middle toe easy
Technical difficulty (1 to 5) 2
Physical training (1 to 5) 2
CAI (italian alpine club) difficulty scale T:Turistic**
* Mountain signs on Monte Baldo and difficulty scale
Scenic appeal (1 to 5)
Impression 3
Landscape 5


  • Round tour
  • Panoramic route

Best time of year

All year round

Points of interest along this hiking trail

Easy, lots of wide panoramas and views over Lake Garda in every moment of the walk.

Nome del tour description

It starts from Villanova and descends along trail 37 indicating Pai. The first part of the trail is in the wood on moved rocks but soon changes into muletrack with beautiful views over the lake. At the crossroad, close to Pai, keep right and reach the tarmac road just a bit north of Pai.

Head south, passing through the village and go straight ahead to the "Via per La Casetta" where you can find indications for San Zeno, trail number 38.

There starts the ascent to San Zeno, it lasts about an hour, switching from muletrack to dirt ground but it is never too tiring. After about 1 km walking, you come to a small clearing with rocks and it is hard to figure out where to go. Just keep on ascending straight ahead, keeping the left, where the obvious trail for Le Tese starts again. This is one of the most beautiful districts of San Zeno: the ancient medieval structure has been preserved and it is totally unchanged.

From here, in 10 minutes walk, you end up on the main road to San Zeno. Walk north to go back to Villanova.


This is a loop tour and can be done conversely too.

The tour during the winter

It is accessible during the winter too.

Shelters, huts or bivouacs along the trail

There are none but you can stop in Pai.

How to reach the starting point of the trail

Villanova is the most northern district of San Zeno di Montagna. How to reach San Zeno.


It would be better to park in San Zeno. There are plenty of parking lots along the main road while in Villanova there are none. You can start the tour from here.

Public transport

ATV public transport

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